How do I get Wholesale School Supplies?

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Buying wholesale school supplies can reduce the cost of commonly used stationery items for students of all ages. Until recent years, many people thought wholesale purchases were available only to large corporations, small businesses and school districts, but today nearly anyone can purchase school supplies at wholesale prices. There are at least three places to search and shop for wholesale school supplies, including the Internet, retail stores and specialty wholesale retail stores.

Searching the Internet is usually a fairly easy way to locate wholesale school supplies. The same school supplies often used by teachers can be purchased by students and parents who wish to buy a large amount of items commonly needed for school. Many of the most prominent online school supplies stores will also sell their products through a printed paper catalog.

When purchasing wholesale school supplies from an Internet store, it can be important to consider the cost of delivery. Sometimes, although the cost of the supplies is less, the overall cost may not be cheaper when shipping charges are factored into the purchase. In other words, if the items are sold online at wholesale prices but include a sizeable shipping fee, the cost of buying the same supplies in a physical store could be less.


Retail school supplies stores may not offer a discount on common items, such as paper, pencils, and notebooks, at normal prices, unless these products are purchased in bulk. The term bulk is often used as another word for wholesale. If a large quantity of a product is needed, a teacher, student, or parent can approach the store manager for a discount. Such a price reduction could reduce the cost of the items to the wholesale level.

The wholesale retail store often requires shoppers to have a membership of some sort. These outlets are often primarily focused on supplying small businesses with such supplies, rather than schools or students. If a membership is required, the shopper could ask store management for a free, short-term trial membership in order to evaluate the store's inventory.

Purchasing wholesale school supplies is often a concern at the start of a school term. At these times, some students, parents, and teachers may choose to shop after the peak shopping time for such items. Waiting until the peak shopping time has passed can result in additional savings because both online and retail stores may reduce the prices of wholesale school supplies to encourage buyers.


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Post 2

@Crispety - I do the same thing. I really stock up on crayons. Since my son’s birthday is in September, I stocked up on the crayons and add them to the goody bags that I was going to give away at his party.

A lot of these crayons were under twenty-five cents. I bought extra boxes to keep in the car in case my kids got bored in a restaurant.

I also wanted to add that my husband told me that his company is offered a huge discount on office supplies because they do so much ordering, so many of these office supply stores might be cheaper with a corporate discount than going through a wholesale merchandise website because you do have to pay for shipping.

Post 1

I usually buy my kids school supplies at the office supply stores during their huge sales in the back to school season.

They usually have a lot of cheap school supplies like sharpeners and erasers for five cents or filler paper for one cent. I buy my kids school supplies in bulk and save a lot of money.

The only thing that you can’t stockpile is the stick glue because it tends to dry out after a while. At lot of these products are offered at such low prices that I think they are below wholesale.

I think that they probably lose money on a few items in hopes of getting the customer in the door and spend even more money. I also know that many of these office supply stores give teachers an extra discount too.

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