How Do I Get Thicker Facial Hair?

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The thickness of facial hair is primarily determined by genetics, though there are a few dietary and behavioral changes that might help if you are dissatisfied with your beard or mustache. In many cases, simply eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest each night can help. You may also want to consider taking a supplement called biotin, which has been shown to improve the growth, thickness, and strength of hair and nails. If none of these methods work, then you may want to consider talking to a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss.

Facial hair is often seen as a sign of masculinity, so many people choose to remain clean shaven if they are only capable of growing beards that are thin or spotty. If you would like to grow thicker facial hair, your potential for success is largely dictated by genetics. Some people are simply predisposed towards growing thinner beards with patchy spots, though there are a few different things you can try if you want to grow thicker facial hair.


If you are committed to growing a thicker beard, then the first step is to stop shaving. Facial hair does not grow back stronger each time it is shaved, so repeatedly shaving in hopes of attaining thicker facial hair is counterproductive. You can trim stray hairs, and around the edges of the beard, to maintain a neater look, but you need to commit to not shaving until you are satisfied with the results.

In some cases, thin hair is caused by physiological issues rather than genetics. When you decide to try and grow a thicker beard, you should attempt to eat a balanced diet that contains a lot of protein. It can also be important to get enough sleep each night. Providing your body with the required nutrients, and enough rest each day, may be all you need to grow thicker facial hair. Another option to consider is taking a supplement known as biotin, which can help improve the growth of hair and nails in some people.

There are a number of more aggressive ways to grow thicker facial hair, though they require consulting with a doctor. Your specific treatment options will depend on your unique circumstances, though a doctor may prescribe hormone therapy, various other medications, or even recommend surgery. This type of transplant surgery typically involves taking donor hairs from the back of your head, and moving them to your face. After the incision sites have healed, and the donor follicles grow new hairs, you will typically have the full beard and mustache you desire.


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