How do I get the Best Sexual Harassment Training?

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Sexual harassment training is usually provided by a person's employers. In cases where training is for work, the best training is whatever training the company provides because only company-approved training will be applicable to the job. Sometimes, a person might wish to learn more about sexual harassment on a theoretical or legal level. A company might wish to restructure its sexual harassment policies, or an individual may take a personal interest in the subject. For these unusual cases, the best sexual harassment training can be found by conducting thorough research on all aspects of the topic and using critical thinking skills to come to logical conclusions about sexual harassment.

Almost always, the best sexual harassment training is the training offered by the company for which someone works. Even if that training is poorly designed, out of date, or simply disagreeable, sexual harassment training offered by the company will be accurate in terms of the company's own policies. Different companies have different beliefs about sexual harassment, and while all companies must adhere to the law, not all companies address infractions in the same way. In fact, some companies may have policies that are more rigorous than what is legally required, so it is essential to undertake company-approved training.


While most sexual harassment training takes place through videos, it is usually more effective to include discussion in a training course. Also, it is a good idea to keep training on an appropriate level for the group being trained. Adults might take offense at an overly simplistic video, and younger people might be perplexed by an adult video.

When more detailed sexual harassment training is needed, one of the best ways to find the best training is to approach the subject from a theoretical level rather than looking into what specific actions constitute sexual harassment. A person who has well-founded theories about sexual harassment can talk about new or unexpected problems without having to refer to a list of activities that are banned. For example, topics such as whether wearing a certain type of clothing that makes others uncomfortable can be considered sexual harassment might not be covered in a video, but understanding the nature of harassment makes this issue simpler to solve.

There are also specific training courses that approach this subject from narrower perspectives. Training might cover only sexual harassment and the law, for example. Sometimes, it is even possible to find training courses that provide individuals with the skills needed in order to train others in the subject of sexual harassment. The best sexual harassment training is tailored to what participants need from a course.


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