How do I get the Best Politics a-Level Results?

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Doing well on a politics A-level, as with any test, is a matter of preparation. It is important to thoroughly understand the content that will be on the exam, as well as the structure of the test. Taking time to fully review what one has learned in politics classes and familiarizing oneself with the way the test is set up, including the types of questions asked, will help a person get the best possible results on a politics A-level.

The politics A-level consists of two exams, the AS and the A2. The AS tests the taker's knowledge of British politics. It covers how people influence government and the types of government institutions that exist. The test is composed of short-answer questions, one essay, and a data response question.

The A2 examination tests the taker on what he has learned about political and governing practices in the United States. It features questions on subjects such as elections and the U.S. Constitution. The exam is made up of short-answer and longer essay questions.

To get comfortable with the structure of both the AS and A2 exams, one should practice answering real exam questions. This will also help the test taker further understand the content of the two exams. One can find practice exams and questions online.


One should develop a study schedule to allow enough time to thoroughly prepare for both exams. When making the schedule, one should typically plan to review between one and three hours a day, five or six days a week. While preparing for one's politics A-level, one should study the material learned in politics courses. It can also be helpful to make mind maps, flash cards and other study materials. Doing so will add variety to one's study schedule, while writing the information can help it be retained.

If a person doesn't have much time to prepare before a politics A-level, planning is of the utmost importance. One should stick to the study schedule and use time wisely, focusing on the areas that have been most problematic. Then briefly review more comfortable subjects.

One should take time off from studying on the day before the test, because studies have shown that cramming material before an exam may actually hurt the test score. One should also make to get a good night’s rest. On the morning of the examination, one should wake up early and eat a good breakfast. Relaxing during the test, confident that the politics A-level results will be satisfactory, also is important.


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