How Do I Get the Best Hoist Training?

Lori Kilchermann

In order to get the best hoist training, you will need to find a program that teaches the operational training of several different types of hoists. You might want to seek out a crane and hoist training program that will provide you with the basic operational methods of both the overhead hoist and crane in a warehouse or dock environment. Some of the best hoist training programs are offered by hoist manufacturers. These courses train students on the safest and most efficient methods of operating a hoist, controlling an overhead load and proper placement of lifting straps and chains.

The best hoist training should cover many kinds of hoists and cranes.
The best hoist training should cover many kinds of hoists and cranes.

In order to operate an overhead hoist in some areas, you must take and pass a hoist training program that is overseen by a certified trainer. Typically a single-day class, the typical hoist training program will teach you the basics about hoist operation and safety. Some of the most sought-after training programs will focus part of the training time on controlling a swinging load. You might want to ask about a program's curriculum and take only the course that includes this training in the program. The best training program will also offer hands-on experience on several different hoist models.

You may also wish to find a hoist training program that offers both indoor and outdoor hoist operation and training, as there are inherent differences in the two types of hoist operation. Factors, such as wind, rain and hot sun, can cause erratic behavior from the hoist and its payload. The best courses have instructors who are able to answer any questions you may have on this subject. Some of the best training programs will also spend some time on troubleshooting hoist problems and hoist maintenance. This is crucial training since most hoist operators are required to perform a pre-operation inspection of the hoist and can be held liable for any injury or damage that results from a neglected issue with the hoist.

Oftentimes, the best hoist training is offered from the manufacturer of the hoist you will be using. Many companies have an agreement with the hoist manufacturer to train all prospective employees as they are hired on. This has a few benefits, such as providing premium training for a new hoist operator, which is good for the company. It also allows the operator to correctly learn about the hoist's operation and safety features, thereby reducing the risk of the hoist being damaged due to an untrained operator.

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