How do I get Started in Textile Marketing?

Amy Dyslex

To get started in textile marketing, it's a good idea to first pursue a degree in textile engineering. Such a program usually includes courses in related aspects of engineering like chemical, mechanical, and industrial principles. After the completion of your degree, you can then move on to additional courses or a diploma in textile marketing. Textile marketing is a sub-category of textile management, and exclusively focuses on sales and promotions of the finished textile products.

A closeup of satin cloth.
A closeup of satin cloth.

To get started in textile marketing you will often be required to first master the basic principles of textile engineering. A career in textile marketing usually then requires you to undergo additional courses in product research and development, market analysis, design, and promotional techniques. Many universities offer a major in textile and apparel industry, and such a course-design would be an excellent first step in a career in textile marketing. It would teach you to conduct market research and do competitor analysis before developing and promoting your own product.

Polyester fabric.
Polyester fabric.

For a successful career and professional growth in textile marketing, you should demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the apparel industry, with a keen eye for new markets. Furthermore, you will be expected to exhibit a through interest in the design process. You should also have a complete understanding of local and international markets.

The job responsibilities of a textile marketer involve developing and introducing products that cater to an existing demand in the market. Apart from this, you will also be responsible for the advertising and promotion of existing products to new buyers. Individuals in this field may work with professionals in the retail and fashion industry, as well as design and industrial experts.

If you are interested in getting started in textile marketing after completing a degree in textile engineering, your college or university is a good place to begin. Many schools have internship or referral programs to assist students and graduates with getting started in their careers. You may also want to speak with a professor in the field or your academic adviser, who may be able to put you in contact with companies or individuals who are looking to hire students.

Other professionals, or those who have not been in school for some time, may need to find other ways of getting started in textile marketing. There are a number of national and international textile associations which may be a first step toward making contacts in the industry. These organizations also often offer continuing education courses and professional conferences that can help introduce you to the field and those who are working in it.

A folded square of linen.
A folded square of linen.

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