How Do I Get Smooth Armpits?

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While many skin smoothing regimens focus on readily visible areas of the body like the arms, throat, and face, there are some steps you can take to smooth the armpit areas. Achieving smooth armpits is a simple task that only requires the addition of a few easy steps to regular hygiene practices. As part of your daily and weekly self-care routine, hair removal, exfoliation, and moisturizing can improve the condition of underarm skin.

In many parts of the Western world, smooth armpits are seen as essential to the performance of traditional feminine beauty. Some styles of clothing, such as bathing suits or evening gowns, routinely expose the armpits, making it important to groom this part of the body that is otherwise frequently covered up by cold-weather garments. Individuals who participate in competitive swimming sometimes seek to smooth their armpits as part of an overall regimen to reduce friction on the skin while in the water, and still others simply prefer the look and feel of smooth armpits. Whatever your motivations, the process for improving the condition of underarm skin is the same.


Removing hair from the underarm area is one of the most important steps in creating smooth armpits. Gently shaving, waxing, or applying a hair removal cream are all good ways to remove body hair in a safe and effective manner. During the day, the armpit area is exposed to sweat, which leaves the pores in the underarm vulnerable to bacteria; as a result, it is best to do the hair removal routine at night rather than during the day while you are more active. Shaving at night also gives the skin a chance to properly recover and rejuvenate without agitation.

Exfoliating the skin remove old, dead skin cells, exposing a fresh skin surface. To exfoliate underarm skin, place a small amount of an exfoliating scrub on a loofah sponge or washcloth, and firmly but gently rub the skin in a circular motion. Performing this ritual at least once a week helps to limit underarm breakouts and ingrown hairs, which will help pave the way for smooth armpits.

After shaving or exfoliating the skin, it is important to moisturize the area properly to keep it from drying out and becoming irritated. Using a good quality moisturizer or moisturizing cream will create the perfect conditions for smooth armpits. Moisturizing also keeps the skin looking healthy and refreshed for a long period of time.

Finish off with a deodorant that acts as a moisturizer as well as an odor blocker. This will provide the armpits with added protection to combat the sweat and bacteria that has the potential to undermine the hard work done to make the skin soft and smooth. Keeping up with these simple steps will keep the under arm area looking and feeling the best it ever has.


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Sometimes it is very difficult to get smooth armpits, especially in the summer. I have found that using lotion that is made of natural ingredients helps to smooth razor bumps and heat rashes. I also like to use this lotion when I shave, which helps make the process easier and reduces the risks of razor burn, cuts and scrapes.

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