How do I get Skinny Thighs?

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Getting skinny thighs is a great goal, but must be achieved by first understanding some basics about exercise. Essentially, a person can’t get skinny thighs without getting "skinny" everywhere else. Plastic surgery is the only way to reduce fat on one area of the body only, so people will have to work on an overall weight loss strategy to reduce fat on the thighs. Moreover, especially in women, this is one of the difficult areas to reduce, and even after weight loss, cellulite may remain. Choosing exercises that can help produce lean muscle in this area can be of assistance too, to improve look of the thighs.

Though often made to sound very complex, weight loss comes down to the combination of consuming slightly fewer calories than the body needs. It’s advised that people don’t severely reduce calories as the body may digest food more slowly. On the other hand, a slight reduction of about 300 calories a day from what it would take to maintain present weight, combined with four to five sessions of cardiovascular exercise that last 30 minutes to an hour, will help reduce fat. As the body runs out of calories, it has to start deriving energy from stored fat, and this can mean fat on the thighs and elsewhere starts to get reduced.


As stated, this doesn’t necessarily result in skinny thighs, and there may be still be some residual fat and cellulite or the muscles may not be very toned. This is where additional exercise can help, but the trick is to choose exercises that won’t bulk up the muscles. Weight bearing exercises could actually increase leg circumference.

Fortunately, there are exercise programs that tend to result in building long lean muscle, instead of bulky and compact muscle. Pilates floor classes can be excellent for this purpose and they also help to tone other problem areas like the abdomen and hips. Some of the seated yoga exercises are also recommended, and standing ones can be good too, even though they are technically slightly weight bearing. What people should probably avoid are things like squats with weights or leg presses. Any floor exercises with the legs outstretched are preferred.

It can take a while to get skinny thighs, and it’s a matter of consistently good diet and exercise. Even with this, some people tend to bulk up muscle more easily and will have legs with a naturally wider circumference. It isn’t always possible to change this, which is frequently due in part to genetics.

It also may be difficult to have very skinny thighs after a great deal of weight loss. Even with muscle development, the skin may be a little saggy or cellulite may still be evident. What is usually most possible is making some positive change in appearance by being fit and healthy, and such changes can be very satisfying.


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