How do I get Rid of Vaginal Ingrown Hairs?

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Getting rid of vaginal ingrown hairs may be more difficult than getting rid of ingrown hairs on other areas of the body, but it is definitely possible. The hairs found in the pubic area often tend to be courser and sometimes curlier than the hairs on the rest of the body, making them much more likely to curl back on themselves and get embedded into the skin. Many women get them as a result of shaving or waxing. Ingrown hairs in the vaginal area may be removed using similar methods to ingrown hairs on other areas of the body, but they also may require a few extra steps.

First, it is important to make sure that what looks and feels like an ingrown hair actually is an ingrown hair. Certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may have symptoms that include red bumps or irritated skin that could be mistaken for a patch of ingrown hairs. If the possibility of STDs has been eliminated, then it is safe to proceed with removal of the ingrown hairs.


One of the main issues with removing vaginal ingrown hairs is the often awkward positioning required to see and reach the affected area. Using a hand mirror may help resolve this issue. Hairs that are already partially above the surface may be gently removed using tweezers that have been sterilized. It is important not to dig out hairs that are still under the surface of the skin, however, because doing so can cause skin damage and potential scarring due to the sensitivity of the surrounding skin.

On other areas of the body, ingrown hairs can sometimes be uncovered with regular exfoliation. Ingrown hairs in this area, however, may be located in places too sensitive to exfoliate. In order to bring ingrown hairs to the surface of the skin, a moist, warm compress may be held on the affected area for a few minutes. This will also soften the skin and hair, making removal of the hair easier.

One of the reasons vaginal ingrown hairs tend to lurk below the surface is as a result of waxing. When hairs are waxed, they have a tendency to break off below the surface of the skin. Sometimes, the snapped hairs may curl and grow into the skin, causing ingrown hairs. Using an epilator may cause the same results. Shaving also causes ingrown hairs because the blade of the razor can cut the hair at a sharp angle, enabling the hair to more easily embed into the skin.


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Post 6

What do I do? It hurts a lot

Post 5

Use a Hair eRazor shaver. I haven't had an ingrown hair in years!

Post 3

@croydon - It's easy to say that, but the reality is that this has become the norm for our culture. Men expect a woman to have at least a little bit of grooming down there.

And for some women, there's a lot to groom. It can be extremely embarrassing if you are expected to look like the women in porn videos and you look nothing like them.

I'm not saying that all women should aspire to look like that, but I also don't think it's wrong for women to try to keep up to date with what's expected.

Although, as for an ingrown hair remedy, I prefer to just skip that altogether and use laser hair removal so I don't have to worry about the hair ever again.

Of course, if the trend for lots of hair ever comes back I might be in trouble, but to get out of waxing, I'll take that risk.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - You forgot another method of stopping ingrown hairs. Not removing the hair in the first place.

I'm not going to advocate going completely natural, since I think it's only polite to keep it trimmed for your sexual partners.

But there's no need to rip the hairs out to make it look like a manicured lawn. It's expensive, it's painful and it can result in pesky ingrown hairs on your vagina.

If your guy doesn't like it ask him how willing he is to wax the hair off his genitals. Or better yet, find a new guy.

Post 1

Unfortunately, there's no way to completely eliminate ingrown vaginal hairs.

Your best bet is to try and make sure they don't occur in the first place. You can do that by only using a professional waxer, who does her job well. The better you are waxed, the less likely the hairs will grow up into the skin in the wrong way.

Wax regularly, so that your hair becomes finer, as that will help to reduce the ingrown hairs as well.

And try to gently exfoliate if you can. Not just after the bumps happen, but every day. Regular skin care can help to stop ingrown hairs from happening.

You might also want to ask the waxer what she thinks you can do to stop the ingrown hairs from happening.

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