How Do I Get Rid of Upper Lip Wrinkles?

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Aging causes our bodies to go through many changes that can alter our appearance. Upper lip wrinkles occur if you make the same expressions repeatedly, are prone to excessive sun exposure or find that your skin elasticity is breaking down. While there is no magic cure that will completely erase a wrinkled upper lip, there are methods you can use for reducing lip wrinkles, such as altering your diet, using an over-the-counter cream, and moisturizing your skin. In some cases, consulting a dermatologist about treatment options or using a topical retinoid may be helpful as well.

Consuming foods that are high in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, including eggs, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and lean meats can help reduce upper lip wrinkles. These vitamins play a major role in the way your body takes care of its skin because they contain a significant amount of antioxidants and can remove harmful toxins. They also help your body increase its production of collagen fiber, an important process for skin care.


You can also increase collagen production by using an antiaging skin care cream every day. These products are typically available over-the-counter in any pharmacy or grocery store and work to remove the dead skin cells that can become trapped in the fine lines on your face. Wrinkle creams often contain such ingredients as coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and copper peptides, which are all proven to be beneficial for treating upper lip wrinkles and thin lines around your eyes.

Making sure you moisturize your skin thoroughly after washing your face is important. If your skin is prone to dryness, especially in the winter months, your upper lip wrinkles may be more obvious. Moisturizing will ensure that your skin is fresh and hydrated, thus reducing lip wrinkles.

If you have extremely noticeable wrinkles and are concerned that over-the-counter products may not be strong enough, you can talk to a dermatologist about an ablative laser resurfacing treatment. This method removes the uppermost layers of damaged skin cells and heats the lower layers of tissue to enhance the production of collagen. These procedures typically require one to three months of recovery time, but your dermatologist may suggest a milder, non-ablative treatment to shorten your recovery time. Non-ablative treatments, however, may require more than one session in order to see results.

Before going to bed, you also can try applying a topical retinoid to your upper lip wrinkles. These products are made of vitamin A and are typically used to treat hyperpigmentation and fine lines. However, a topical retinoid can cause irritation and redness after use, so make sure you read the label and any pertinent warning information carefully.

Lifestyle changes can help as well. For example, quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol both can be helpful for reducing upper lip wrinkles. These habits restrict the flow of blood to your skin and can actually lead to premature wrinkles. The act of smoking also causes your mouth to move in repetitive motions and can cause wrinkles to not only form, but also to deepen.


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My mother had wrinkles on her upper lip that did not respond to at-home treatments like wrinkle creams. However, she didn't want to have laser treatments done because she was concerned about the pain and the cost of them.

My mother decided that she would give dermabrasion a try, a procedure that is done by a dermatologist that uses a coarse tool to remove the upper layer of skin. She was very happy with the results because her lip wrinkles are much less noticeable. The procedure also caused very little discomfort, and was not very costly.

Post 1

Much like puckering your lips to smoke a cigarette, the same motion is used to drink from a plastic water bottle. In turn, frequently drinking from these bottles can also result in upper lip wrinkles.

You can save your lip skin and the environment by giving up plastic water bottles for refillable drinking glasses. You can get the kind with lids to take them with you when you are on the go.

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