How do I get Rid of Underarm Flab?

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Unfortunately, underarm flab is one of the most difficult areas to target, and it is a potential problem in people of all sizes and weights. To get rid of underarm flab, which is caused by sagging skin, it is necessary to build muscle in the upper arms by doing exercises that focus on the bicep and tricep muscles. Weight loss can help if the flab is caused by fat, but in many cases, losing weight can actually make the flab worse because it causes excess loose skin. Excessive loose skin may need to be removed through plastic surgery, because in some cases no amount of exercise will make a difference.

Underarm flab typically occurs as people age; the skin begins to loosen, and weight fluctuations cause the skin to stretch, making the problem worse. Of course, following a healthy diet with low amounts of fat and sugar is a great way to lose weight. In addition, aerobic exercise will also help with weight loss over the entire body, including the upper arms. The next step to getting rid of underarm flab is to do strength training exercises that target the upper arms.


Exercises to combat underarm flab should target the bicep and the tricep muscles. The biceps are the muscles in the front of the arms, and the tricep muscles are in the back of the arms. Simple bicep curls are excellent exercises; these are done by simply holding a hand weight in each hand, and slowly raising and lowering the lower arms in a controlled motion. Start with a small weight and gradually increase it as strength increases. Push-ups are another very simple yet very effective method for building muscle in the arms.

Tricep exercises are especially effective at targeting underarm flab. Tricep dips are a great exercise; to do this exercise, sit on the edge of a bench or bed, and slowly slide forward until the hands are the only things remaining on the bench. Then, slowly raise and lower the body, using the arms to push oneself back up. Another tricep exercise involves holding a hand weight in between the two hands, stretching the arms up over head, and bending the arms back at the elbows so that the weight rests in the hands behind the shoulder blades. Then, slowly raise and lower the weight back up over the head, and back behind the head; you will feel the work in the tricep muscles.


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Post 3

@ankara-- I don't agree with you. Even though I don't lose weight, my arms become thinner and firmer when I swim and do exercises targeting the arms. So these exercises do have some benefit for getting rid of underarm flab.

Obviously, it's not going to work very well if someone continues to eat junk food and exercise, but with a healthy diet, these exercises cause the flab to go more quickly.

Post 2

@literally-- Keep eating healthy and exercising and eventually you will lose it. I know people say that doing underarm flab exercises will get rid of it but that's not exactly true. It's not possible to cause fat loss in one specific part of the body unless you have liposuction surgery. And unfortunately, the underarm and the belly tend to be the last areas in the body that lose fat.

Eventually, you will burn the fat there, so be patient and keep working at it.

Post 1

I want to lose my underarm flab. This is the main problem I have. I've lost a lot of weight, but the underarm flab is still there. I guess it's going to be the last part to go.

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