How do I get Rid of Split Ends?

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Hair with split ends can be at best an annoyance, and at worst can seriously impair the healthy look of one’s hair. Split ends divide at the end of the shaft of the hair, and can split all the way to the follicle. This can make the hair appear less smooth and also cause more tangles in longer hair.

Once a hair splits, there is no repair for the damaged portion except for cutting the hair one inch above the split. Several things can also be done to prevent split ends from recurring. Though one may still suffer a split end or two, the following tips should help greatly reduce the number.

Be sure to have one’s hair cut about every three to four months. Even if one is attempting to grow hair long, a trim can actually aid this process by eliminating any formed split ends. This insures that the growing hair remains healthy and free of split ends. Split ends can break off and make it more difficult to achieve lengthier hair.

Avoid hair-damaging activities like using a curling iron or blow-drying. If blow-drying is necessary to achieve a certain style, then one can reduce split ends by regularly applying conditioner after shampooing. Choose a conditioner for damaged or dry hair to achieve maximum hair protection. As well, leave-in conditioners applied after a shower can help cut down on damage caused by blow-drying.


Never brush wet hair. This creates too much strain on the hair, particularly when it is either medium or long in length. Instead, reduce split ends, by combing through the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Use detangler spray on stubborn tangles instead of pulling hard on the hair.

Hair, just like skin, can be subject to damage from the elements. Split ends can occur if one spends too much time in the sun, or in heated and dry environments indoors. Outside, one can protect hair from split ends and excess drying by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, except when one needs the hair to be perfect for a special day or event. Regular conditioning helps to reduce dryness from arid conditions indoors.

One won’t get rid of all split ends with these procedures, but gentle care of the hair can certainly be of help. Brittle hair that has not been damaged by sun, or using hair dyes, may be a sign of poor overall heath. If hair continues to break off, and is not helped by the above, consider seeing a physician to determine if hormonal or mineral imbalance may be responsible for hair issues.


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