How Do I Get Rid of My Muffin Top?

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Getting rid of a muffin top can be difficult, but with multiple avenues of attack and a little self-control many people can completely get rid of this physical feature. Most of the time, people try to get rid of the overhanging belly by losing weight, but another great solution to this problem is to change the type of clothes one wears. A muffin top is not simply an excess of fat but the relationship between that fat and the waistline of the pants a person wears. As such, getting rid of this feature requires either removing the fat or changing the waistline.

The first and possibly easiest way to get rid of a muffin top is to wear pants that are flattering to the body. If someone does not wear low-rise pants, she is much less likely to have fat spilling over the edge of her pants. Special flattering styles are offered by many clothing designers that hold in the wearer's stomach, often eliminating rolls of fat completely in people who are slightly overweight. People who are obese may need more than a higher waistline to eliminate the muffin top entirely.


Losing weight is the most certain way to remove a muffin top from the body, but it is also time consuming. Specifically targeting belly fat is not always possible, although there are specific exercises a person can perform in order to improve muscle tone in this area. Overall, it is important to lose weight through cardio exercises and a healthy diet. Jogging, aerobics, and kickboxing are all excellent ways to lose weight and decrease the prominence of a muffin top.

Muscle toning exercises that specifically target the belly area can significantly reduce the amount of fat that rolls over the waist of a person's pants. Many people work out in this area, focusing primarily on the front of the body, but it is important to exercise the side and back muscles as well when combating this type of fat. Working out these muscles not only burns calories, but it also improves posture and keeps the body burning more calories even after the exercises are over.

In addition to these strategies, some people believe that other measures can reduce belly fat effectively. Avoiding toxins in the diet, for example, is thought to reduce the body's inclination to store fat. Exfoliating in this area may also help improve circulation and help stimulate the body to release fats. Combining all these strategies together can be the healthiest and most effective way to lose a muffin top permanently.


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Post 3

@KoiwiGal - I find that it can be a little bit about muscle tone as well. I always look better in my clothes when I do crunches regularly and I don't think I actually lose any weight. My stomach just tightens up a little bit.

Post 2

@croydon - Nobody should buy clothes that produce a muffin top (particularly because they will probably be fairly uncomfortable) but someone might gain weight and end up with a muffin top in clothes that used to fit.

I think if that happens it might be a good idea to ask themselves what has changed, or what needs to change. Fat accumulation on the stomach is very bad for your health, particularly if it happens suddenly. And it might be stress, or a bad diet change or something like that. It's not wrong to keep your clothes and work to get back to the size you used to be, because that might be an indicator of health.

Post 1

It really is as simple as changing your clothes. The only reason people have this feature in the first place is because they worry too much about the number on the label of their clothes. It really doesn't mean anything these days, as clothing labels change their sizes all the time.

Basically, if you've got a muffin top it doesn't mean that you're overweight. It means that you're wearing the wrong sized clothes. And that will be true no matter what size you are.

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