How do I get Rid of Frogs?

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A frog infestation in your yard can quickly become a headache for you and the rest of your neighborhood. The sound of frogs, when heard on a hiking or camping trip sounds like music to many people, but when you are trying to fall asleep in the evening, it can have you seeing red. Fortunately, you can get rid of frogs in your yard and regain your sanity by eliminating their water, food, and places to hide.

The first thing you will need to do is drain all bodies of water in your yard. Frogs are attracted to yards that have water available for them to swim in. If you have a pool, make it inaccessible to animals by covering it, preferably with a hard top cover. This alone may cause the frogs to find a new home.

Frogs are attracted to yards that provide them with a source of food, so if you have flies or mosquitoes in your yard, you will need to get rid of them before you can get rid of frogs. Try lighting a citronella candle, or use fly traps. If flies are attracted to a trash can, move it into the garage or get a tight fitting cover for it. Drain any standing water to prevent mosquitoes from laying more eggs.


Keep your grass mowed. Frogs need a place to hide, and they prefer to do this in tall grass and weeds. Fill up any large holes you may have in your yard, as they make great homes for frogs.

Apply snake repellent around the perimeter of your yard. It will also help to get rid of frogs, as they are repelled by the odor. Make sure to follow the directions for application on the back of the can, and keep your children and animals away from the area until it dries.

If you have a creek running through your yard, be sure to pull all the weeds and plants that surround it. Frogs will swim up the creek and make their home among the weeds. You will be able to discourage frogs from sticking around if they don't have a place to seek shelter.

Stubborn frogs may be require a little extra deterrent in order to stay out of your yard. If this seems to be the case, install netting around the perimeter of your yard. The net can be installed independently, or attached to the bottom of a fence. This will prevent the frogs from coming in and encourage them to find a new home, although you will still have to deal with the frogs that are already in your yard.


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Post 8

I use Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer. Instant disabler, quick death. Can I collect funds from the government for a study? No studying needed. We are overrun with frogs that keep our whole home up all night. We even baked cookies to pass the time. No more. Problem solved. You're welcome, Spectracide. Do a "study" make some money (then cut me a check).

Post 7

Draining a pond really does cut out the frog population. My neighbor had a pond on his property right beside my house for years, and once he drained it, I stopped hearing frogs at night.

The pond had been a water source for his cows, but after he sold all the cattle, he had no use for it. He said it was basically just a mosquito breeding ground, and he wanted to get rid of it.

I used to hear an overwhelming hum of frog music when I would go outside right after sunset. After he drained the pond, it was eerily quiet at twilight.

Post 6

@shell4life – I have a friend who lives near a swamp in Louisiana, and she developed a sense of humor about her frog problem. She put up a sign in the yard that said “frogs for sale,” but of course, no one actually wanted them.

Post 5

I have seen pictures of frogs covering windows of houses near swamps and marshes. Being infested with frogs must be frightening!

I know they don't bite or anything, but still, having that many chirping creatures clinging to the sides of your house would be disconcerting. It would be impossible to sleep, too!

Post 4

I thought that the chlorine in my swimming pool would be enough to deter frogs from living there, but I found out in the spring that this wasn't true. The tarp had been over the pool all winter, but when I removed it in spring, the pool was full of tadpoles!

I know that the level of chlorine inevitably dipped during the winter months, because I stopped putting it in there. However, as soon as I added a strong dose of it, all the tadpoles died.

I felt bad for killing them like that, but I could not share my pool with frog larvae! Also, this would make the frogs go away from the area.

Post 3

I too am so desperate to get rid of them. I have to clean my pool every morning to get rid of the strings and strings of eggs! last night I removed 12 out of my pool. help please! I have tried salt in every possible area around the pool and yard but the salt does nothing to them.

Post 2

I hope this works, because I will try anything.

Post 1

My nurse's aide tells me she gets rid of frogs around her pool by scattering a few garlic heads. At least it worked for her.

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