How do I get Rid of Fleas in the Carpet?

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There are several ways to get rid of fleas in the carpet. Calling a professional exterminator is probably the easiest thing to do, but many companies use heavy duty chemicals that can leave toxic residues. If that is a concern, there are also companies that offer less noxious solutions. There are several ways to do it yourself using a variety of simple cleaning techniques and home remedies.

If hiring a professional, be sure and ask specific questions about how long it will take, what chemicals they use, and what the cost will be. Many companies offer online estimates but if you want to ask more specific questions, it’s probably best to call. If you have pets, you can always ask your veterinarian for any recommendations. They will often know who the safest and most reliable companies are. If there are pets or small children, safe chemicals is a high priority.

There are several things to consider if choosing to get rid of the fleas in the carpet by yourself. The main consideration is if you want to use a chemical solution, such as a pesticide, or a natural solution, such as diatomaceous earth (DE) or natural flea powders. Many retail stores offer flea sprays, bombs, and powders. Take note of the safety precautions on the packaging. Also, check if the product gets rid of flea eggs, as they can hatch if not eliminated.


Regardless of what you use to kill the fleas in the carpet, there are several steps to take. Vacuuming the carpet thoroughly will suck up a lot of the fleas and flea eggs. Be sure and put something in the vacuum bag to kill the fleas, such as a flea collar, flea spray, or a mixture of DE, borax, and salt. DE is available is many home and garden stores and kills fleas by cutting their exoskeleton. It is perfectly safe for humans, and food-grade quality will produce the best results.

If possible, steam clean your carpet with borax and water. Be sure and move furniture around when vacuuming and steam-cleaning. Steam clean the furniture if you can and wash drapes, tablecloths, and clothing in hot water. You can also put the DE directly on areas where there may be fleas in the carpet before you vacuum or steam clean. Be sure and steam clean or vacuum before you apply any bombs, powders, or flea sprays.

It is also important to make sure all pets are thoroughly cleaned of fleas and their eggs. There are many powders and cleaning agents to wash them with, and it’s also a good idea to comb them thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb. Be sure and methodically clean areas where pets like to linger, such as a pet bed, as there are bound to be more fleas there.


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Post 2

You have to treat your pets as well as your carpet. I have a white cat and his fleas have been so bad it looked like he got his nose into a pepper shaker! Little black specks. I picked them off with tweezers and treated him again.

I wish I could dip my cats. That would be quicker, but I can just imagine trying to do a flea dip with a cat. I'd have to wear leather gloves up to my armpits.

I've heard that sprinkling the carpets with baking soda before vacuuming helps trap the fleas. I don't know, but I don't suppose it would hurt anything. Baking soda is cheap so it might be worth a try.

Post 1

I spray the inside of my vacuum's dirt canister with flea spray when I vacuum. I will also spray the bottom of the sofa and other furniture. The cats don't walk there, and that's where the fleas tend to hang out. We've had a bad year for fleas, and it's been a constant fight to stay ahead of them. We had a cold winter, so I thought maybe the fleas wouldn't be so bad this year. So much for that optimism.

I also empty the dirt canister into a garbage bag and take the bag outside when I'm done. That keeps the fleas outside where they belong.

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