How Do I Get Rid of a Female Mustache?

Many women who have dark hair on their upper lip want to get rid of a female mustache, and they have several options. Common treatments include bleaching, waxing, and depilation. Others might prefer a more permanent laser or electrolysis treatment. The chosen method will often depend on how thick the female mustache is, how quickly it grows in, and how regularly a woman wants to address the issue.

Bleaching a female mustache is a generally pain-free option for lightening dark hair. In order to effectively bleach the hair, cream bleach should be used because it coats the hair. Take care to avoid spreading the bleach around sensitive areas of the face, such as the lips, nostrils, and eyes. Don’t leave the bleach on too long to avoid irritating the skin. Though bleach is an excellent option for women with fine upper lip hair or young girls, some women might prefer to completely remove the hair on their upper lips.

Though more painful than bleaching, waxing is an efficient way to remove unwanted facial hair. Many salons offer waxing services, but women who prefer to do it at home can buy kits from a drugstore. A female mustache can be removed through waxing because the wax sticks to the hair. As the wax is removed, the hair is also removed from the root. For women who don’t want to pay for waxing either at the salon or the drugstore, sugar wax recipes that can be easily made at home are available online.

Depilatory creams can remove a female mustache by dissolving the hairs chemically at the shaft. Depilatory treatments are also readily available in drugstores. While these creams tend to stink, they are safe to use although directions should be carefully followed to avoid irritating the skin. One of their advantages is because they dissolve the hair, they don’t leave stubble, and the treatments last for up to six weeks.

Women who have tired of bleaching, waxing, or chemically dissolving their female mustaches might want to look into laser or electrolysis treatments. Laser hair removal works when the intense, pulsing light damages a hair’s follicle so it can’t regrow. Electrolysis uses chemicals or heat to destroy the follicle. Both methods are effective for long-term hair removal, but the treatments can be expensive and there are associated risks. Laser removal might result in changes to the skin’s pigment, usually temporarily, and can cause skin irritation. Electrolysis usually requires several sessions to permanently remove the hair.

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Post 3

Unless you've got really thick hair, I have always found that bleaching is the best option, particularly if your hair grows fast. If you're waxing, you'll end up having to bleach anyway, since you have to wait until the hair is long enough to wax.

And if you are only waxing one part of your face, it will just look wrong to only have one section without any hair at all.

Anyway, I don't think it's the female moustache that's a big problem. When the hair is growing on the chin and sideburns it looks much worse.

Post 2

@irontoenail - I have to say I would prefer it if women didn't worry so much about their facial hair. There are a lot of risks to getting rid of it, no matter what route you choose. I've seen pictures of people who have been burned by those lasers (through misuse of them, or through having particularly sensitive skin) and people who have had bad allergic reactions to the creams and so forth.

I get it, I know that it's tough to walk down the street with hair that people don't think should be there, but a lot of girls who think their hair is really dark and noticeable are wrong.

Post 1

I would definitely make sure you know why you've got facial hair before you start spending money on laser treatments. I spent a lot of money on them, not realizing that my facial hair comes from hormonal imbalances and it basically grew right back after a few months.

So it was a huge waste of a lot of money, particularly since the laser treatments will supposedly be much more effective once I managed to get the medication right to control the hormones.

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