How do I get Physiotherapy Training?

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There are four requirements to obtain physiotherapy training: meet the application criteria, select the school, complete the coursework, and pay the tuition. Physiotherapy training is widely available from a broad range of universities, community and career colleges. This type of training is required to become a physiotherapist or physiotherapist assistant.

In order to apply for physiotherapy training, you must have obtained a high school diploma, with courses in biology, math, and English. There are two possible levels of physiotherapy training: university or college. At the university level, the program is four to five years in length. The courses cover both practical and theoretical components and usually include a cooperative job or placement opportunity. This training is required to become a licensed physiotherapist.

At the college level, the training is more practical based and takes two to three years to complete. Upon graduation, candidates can apply for positions as a physiotherapist assistant. This training is also available part time, allowing students to work during the day and study at night.


When selecting a school for physiotherapy training, it is important to review three main items: reputation, breadth of program offerings, and internship opportunities. A school with an excellent reputation has dedicated significant money, time, and resources to the program over a period of years. Look for specialized courses in an area of interest to you. Think about the courses that will allow you to work in the broadest range of clients and setting. For example, courses in physiotherapy for seniors may also be applicable to patients with long-term muscle weakness.

Internship programs are very important, as this is the only way to gain relevant workplace experience. Invest the time necessary to meet or exceed the employer’s requirements when holding an internship position. The employer can provide you with a reference or job offer that will get you started on your career.

The cost of physiotherapy training programs can be reduced by applying for scholarships, grants, and student awards. Talk to your financial aid counselor about the options and programs available to you. Career advancement opportunities in physiotherapy tend to require additional education or training. As physiotherapy becomes accepted as the first line of treatment for any muscular-skeleton injury, the skill set required in this career will change. Continuing training is necessary to stay up to date with the latest technologies and theories.


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Is it possible for my son who is a year 10 student to gain work experience in physiotherapy? we have tried local contacts but to be honest we are getting nowhere.

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