How Do I Get OSHA Certification?

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) administers training courses that individuals can complete for an OSHA certification. The courses cover several topics related to workplace safety and are customized according to specialty. Certification is available in such areas as disaster site and emergency response, construction safety and health, and hazardous materials management.

In order to obtain OSHA certification, it is best to contact the OSHA Directorate of Training and Education Department. Training courses leading to certification are provided through the OSHA Training Institute, approved OSHA Training Institute Education Centers, and the OSHA Outreach Training Program. Education centers are located in several areas. Each location administers specific courses and certifications.

Courses may be taken online or in a physical classroom. The online course format allows individuals wishing to obtain certification to browse a catalog and select by subject area and course title. Each course listing has a description that explains the type of safety training that is to be covered, along with the course length and price. Some course descriptions will also indicate whether the material is available in classroom format at the OSHA Training Institute.

Individuals who must obtain a specific OSHA certification and who are located near an approved education center may wish to consult OSHA's degree and certification information. The courses required for certification are listed, along with any elective requirements. Registration is handled through OSHA.


Outreach trainers are another way in which individuals may obtain OSHA certification. Depending upon the location and the type of certification needed, a list of available courses can be acquired at an OSHA Training Institute Education Center. You will need to provide the education center with the geographic region and area of training desired, along with a method of contact.

There are also approved third-party sources of online OSHA training that the agency provides to individuals who are interested. It is best to contact OSHA directly for the list of approved vendors prior to conducting your own search. This ensures that the training you receive is valid and will lead to actual certification.

The OSHA Outreach Training Program is designed for those who wish to teach the training courses. This type of OSHA certification consists of three separate programs that cover construction and general industry, maritime industry, and disaster sites. After completing the programs, trainers are certified to teach courses of 10, 16 or 30 hours covering a variety of industry-specific health and safety topics.


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