How do I get .NET Certification?

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.NET certification is a credential a developer or information technology (IT) specialist may seek in an effort to demonstrate his skill and gain more job opportunities. An individual who seeks a .NET certification has to pass exams in order to earn his chosen .NET certification. The test taker is often allowed to choose one of the exams he will take, which is referred to as an elective examination. There is a fee for the certification exams, and an individual interested in certification can visit to find a testing center in his area.

A person who is interested in .NET certification may have various options available to him, including the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification or the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) certification. They both demonstrate skills within the .NET framework. The MCSD is intended for those who want to show that they are skilled at designing and implementing enterprise solutions that employ Microsoft products. The MCAD is for those who develop applications, Web clients, and desktop clients as well as those who work with a team of enterprise application developers. Individuals who opt for the MCSD certification may have more extensive knowledge and skill than those who opt for the MCAD.


In order to earn the MCSD .NET certification, a person must pass five exams. The exams cover Web applications development, Windows applications development, Web services and server components, solution architecture, and an elective. The person who seeks certification can choose the elective exam he prefers.

A person who decides to pursue MCAD .NET certification usually has to pass three exams to earn his credential. He’ll have to pass a Web applications development exam or an exam on Windows application development. He’ll also have to pass an exam that covers not only Web services but also components of servers. Additionally, a person pursuing this certification has to take an elective exam to earn .NET certification. The exams do not have to be taken in a particular order.

It’s important to note that Microsoft may retire its examinations, yet still offer certification. Essentially, this means that a person who previously passed an expired exam may use it toward earning his credential. If someone hasn’t taken an exam before it was retired, however, he will not be able to complete the particular certification that requires it. An individual can find .NET certification exam information and exam retirement details at


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