How do I get Muscular Thighs?

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To get muscular thighs, it will be necessary to exercise regularly. You will first need to lose any fat on the thigh, then begin building up the muscles. This can be done through a combination of aerobic and strength training activities. Muscular thighs can take some time to get, but most people consider slim, toned thighs to be very attractive. In addition, it is important to get enough protein in the diet, which helps to encourage healthy muscle growth.

To lose fat on the thighs, you will need to do some aerobic activities. Jogging, swimming, and bicycling are all great activities to lose weight on the thighs as well as to start getting muscular thighs. Other fun activities to build up muscle on the thighs includes playing tennis or going hiking, for example. Focus on sports where you are running around quite a bit; this will help you to lose weight and build muscle.

When trying to get muscular thighs, however, aerobics can only do so much. You will need to do some specific exercises that target the thigh muscles. Squats and lunges are two great options that target the thighs; these may be done without hand weights to begin with, and then weights may be added as strength increases. Many people consider squats to be the single most effective exercise to get muscular thighs.


Be sure to perform squats correctly, to avoid injuring the knees, or the neck and spine if you are using a barbell for weight. Stand with the feet approximately shoulder width apart, then lower into a squat, making sure that the knees never go over the feet. The back should be kept at approximately a 45-degree angle. When performing lunges as well, the knees should never go over the feet.

Fitness machines may also be used to develop muscular thighs, particularly the leg press machine. This machine can be effective at building up the quadricep muscles. Remember to give the muscles a day or two of rest in between weight training sessions; the muscles need time to heal, because this is the only way they can get bigger. Aerobic exercises may be done more frequently, but it is still good to take a day or two off per week. Remember not to just focus on getting muscular thighs; the rest of the body needs to be exercised as well, so remember to do some upper-body weight lifting, and some work on the abdominal muscles too.


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