How do I get MOUS Certification?

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Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certification is a credential offered through Microsoft. Its purpose is to demonstrate Microsoft Office software skills. To earn MOUS certification, a person has to choose a subject or track, pay a fee, and pass a certification exam. Usually, a person may choose to seek certification in a particular Office program or choose to become certified in the whole software suite. Since the available exams may change as software is retired and new programs are introduced, a person may do well to check with for current certification information.

An individual who plans to seek office employment may find MOUS certification helpful for landing a job and performing well in his job once he is offered employment. This is because many office jobs require individuals to make use of Microsoft Office applications. Those who earn the MOUS certification demonstrate that they are proficient in working with such software as Microsoft Windows, Word, and Outlook. Those who earn certification also demonstrate proficiency in PowerPoint, FrontPage, and Publisher. An individual may choose to certify on a core level or pursue expert or master-level certification.


An individual who wants to prepare for MOUS certification may do so on his own. For example, some people have firsthand experience that is sufficient preparation for the exam; others may read books and take online tutorials in an effort to study for the exam. An individual may also opt to prepare for the exam by taking a training seminar, workshop or class. A person may find such training resources that last for just a day or two as well as those that continue on for weeks. An individual may also prepare for MOUS certification by visiting the Microsoft website to look for training materials, such as sample tests to use for practice.

The official Microsoft site lists information for those who are interested in taking a MOUS certification exam. A person may use the website to find a local certification center that offers the exam that interests him. These exams are performance based and usually last for about 90 minutes. A person who takes a MOUS certification exam is evaluated not only on his knowledge of the particular program, but also on his efficiency with using it.

Usually, an individual can learn whether he passed the certification exam right after taking it. His certification exam results usually appear on the testing screen. An individual who passes the exam can usually expect to receive a his certificate within a couple of weeks.


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