How do I get MCSE Certification?

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The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification is a type of Microsoft certification that is typically sought by information technology (IT) professionals. To earn the MCSE on Windows 2000 or 2003 Server, a person must pass seven exams. This usually requires both experience and preparation.

An individual may pursue MCSE certification for the purpose of earning a credential he can use to land new job opportunities, work toward advancement, and inspire his employers' or clients' confidence in his level of expertise. Typically, an individual who seeks MCSE certification works on the design and implementation of business solutions using Windows Server 2000 or 2003. In order to have a good chance of performing well on the MCSE exams, a person is usually advised to gain a year or two of experience with the installation and configuration of network systems. Troubleshooting experienced is deemed important as well. Experience may not be enough to help a person earn certification, however; it's usually necessary to spend a significant amount of time studying for the exams.


If an individual wants to earn MCSE certification for Windows Server 2000, he'll have to pass three exams that focus on networking systems and one that concentrates on client operating systems. He'll also have to take one design exam and two elective examinations. To earn MCSE Windows 2003 certification, a person has to pass four networking systems exams, one that focuses on client operating systems, one that covers design, and another in an elective topic. If an individual has already earned his MCSE certification on Windows 2000 Server, he doesn't have to take all seven exams to earn MCSE Windows 2003 Server. He will only have to take two exams to earn Windows Server 2003 certification.

Most people put a good deal of effort into preparing for MCSE certification. Often, they study preparation guides and take practice exams in an effort to do well. Many people also enroll in MCSE training programs. Some of these programs take place in a traditional classroom while others are offered online. A person may also find boot camps and workshops that are designed to help him prepare for MCSE certification.

It's important to check before pursuing MCSE certification. Microsoft eventually retires exams, which means a person may miss the opportunity to take one or more of the exams he needs for certification. If this happens, he may decide to pursue a different type of certification instead.


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