How do I get into an Exercise Routine?

Starting a new exercise routine is a great way to improve overall health, physical fitness, and strength. It can be difficult, however, to stick to any new routine. One of the best ways to get into a workout routine is to make concrete goals, and then make it a habit.

Many people try to make vague plans, such as "I'm going to start exercising," or "I'm going to exercise more." The problem is, without a concrete plan, it is difficult to enforce these goals. Instead, try to make a definitive plan. When starting a new exercise routine, experts often advise beginning with approximately 20 to 30 minutes per day, three times a week.

Not only does a solid goal help you to get into a regular workout routine, but it also helps you track your progress when you find that you are able to exercise for a longer period of time, or at a greater frequency during the week. Another helpful way to start exercising is to choose activities you enjoy, and make sure to vary your plans. Try aerobic activities one day, and strength training another day.

There are many fun aerobic activities, such as bicycling, jogging, hiking, or swimming, just to name a few. Tailor your workout routine to what you will enjoy, and you will be more likely to exercise when you are scheduled to. If you enjoy exercising inside, or like the energy of a group class, watch an exercise video or sign up for a class at a gym. If you enjoy being outside, try going for runs or long walks.

One of the biggest hurdles to get over when trying to get into an exercise routine is simply getting started. Try to select a time of day when you will be most willing to exercise; some people enjoy getting up early, others take their lunch break as an opportunity to work out, while others like to exercise at the end of the day to wind down. Any of these methods can be effective, as long as you are able to put on your workout clothes and get started.

While setting weight loss goals can be a great way to get into a workout routine, it may also encourage you to stop exercising when you reach your goal. Instead, set weight loss goals in conjunction with other fitness goals, such as increasing running or swimming speed or taking a longer hike. Reaching those types of goals will make you more encouraged to continue, and see what else you are capable of doing.

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Post 2

Crispety- I agree with you. I also think that setting concrete goals and writing them down on a calendar also helps.

When you begin to see your progress visually on a calendar after a while it becomes a habit. Experts say that it takes three weeks to develop a habit for something.

In addition, as you progress in your exercise routine, you can also establish fitness goals. For example, if your method of exercise is walking, you can state that you want to walk three miles in forty-five minutes.

As you get faster, write down your completion time. This makes exercise like a game and keeps it fun for you so you will continue and develop a routine.

Post 1

Great article- I agree that setting an exercise routine is not easy but if you commit to starting early in the morning, you’ll have a higher degree of success.

Starting first thing in the morning takes away all of your excuses which are the main reason people do not continue with an exercise routine.

They may say they are too tired when they come home from work or perhaps the weather outside does not look good. Removing potential excuses is the only way to maintain an exercise routine.

For example, if you purchase an indoor treadmill, then the excuse about the weather being bad is no longer an issue. Also, you don’t have the excuse that you don’t feel like driving to the gym because you are too tired.

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