How do I get Insurance Adjuster Training?

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Insurance adjuster training usually occurs on the job. An employee may be hired as a customer service representative and then be trained as a claims adjuster after mastering customer communications, the aspects of an insurance investigation and the laws governing insurance claims. Insurance adjuster training can be obtained through an insurance adjuster school as well.

While insurance adjuster training is not difficult, it can take many years to complete on the job. It takes time to encounter all the complex and difficult situations an insurance adjuster may face. Insurance adjuster jobs involve handling irate clients, potentially fraudulent claims and high workloads.

The most important part of insurance adjusting is learning to deny claims fairly. It is natural for customer service professionals to prefer telling customers they can pay insurance claims, but it is the nature of insurance policies to cover only certain types of accidents and expenses. There are many times when an insurance adjuster must deny a claim and then explain why in a way the customer can easily understand and accept.


Insurance adjuster training also teaches a strong understanding of law concepts, making it a good start for those who may later seek legal careers. Insurance allows many liability disputes to be settled outside of court. In the absence of insurance, each auto accident or slip and fall case would require a lawsuit and judge to determine who must pay restitution for damages. Adjusters learn to analyze evidence and make decisions based on how a court would rule on a particular case. This allows cases to be settled quickly without the need of a courtroom.

If seeking insurance adjuster training on the job, it is best to seek employment at an insurance company that promotes from within. Some states will require that employees secure an insurance adjuster license before beginning such work. On the job training may be preferable to schooling because insurance companies will often cover the cost of schooling and testing to secure an adjuster license.

To secure insurance adjuster training more quickly, schooling is the better option. When looking for insurance adjuster training from a school, be sure to choose an accredited school that meets the requirements for an adjuster license in states where one is required. Some courses are available online, but the examination takes place in person, usually by proxy. Understand that adjuster must choose while lines of insurance they will work in, be it automobile, commercial liability or homeowners insurance.


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Post 3

@KoiwiGal: Nobody goes to law school right out of high school. Law schools require a BA or BS degree and high scores on the LSAT. I am afraid your friend is not being straight with you, or you misunderstood.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - Your friend must have had bad luck then, because I've got a relative who works in this job and he quite likes it. I don't think he thinks it's the best in the world, but he appreciates the pay and feels like he does do some good in the world.

People always look at the bad side of these kinds of jobs, but the truth is that people who deserve the money, usually get it and people who don't were often trying to con the system. I guess he just doesn't feel bad about blocking that kind of person from money.

I think it would be a stressful job too, but not for everyone. If you can justify it to yourself, you should be fine. Someone's got to do it.

Post 1

I had a friend who was interested in starting a law career but didn't want to go straight into law school after high school.

She wanted a chance to work for a while first, to save some money and just have some time out of school.

So, she worked for a couple of years as an insurance adjuster. They just gave her training on the job.

To be honest, she really hated the job! She was quite happy to get insurance adjuster certification though, as it helped a lot when she applied for law school later on.

Apparently after working at this job, law school seemed like a piece of cake and she couldn't understand when the other student complained about how hard it was.

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