How Do I Get IFRS Certified?

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One of the most common ways to become International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) certified is to take one or a series of courses on the subject. There are certificate courses which last from several days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the curriculum. The requirements for earning a certificate vary among different nations and the companies that offer the courses. Overall, an effective course will introduce the basic concepts of IFRS, provide opportunities to apply those ideas, and test the pupil in order to ensure comprehension.

The amount of education accounting professionals need to become IFRS certified depends upon their individual levels of expertise and the differences in their current method of reporting. Some courses provide an overview which outlines only the most important aspects of the method. Other certificate programs consist of several different courses which go more deeply into the specific characteristics and challenges of IFRS.

There have historically not been specific requirements outlined for accountants wishing to become IFRS certified, though the method itself has firm guidelines. In order to gauge whether a course will adequately prepare a professional to use IFRS, it can be beneficial to pick courses offered by companies with a strong industry connection. This can include professional organizations for accountants and companies with a link to finance. Gathering recommendations from professionals in the field who are already certified can also provide guidance as to which courses are most reputable.


In order to become IFRS certified, a student can enroll in courses that take place in a classroom, online, or a combination of the two. Sometimes one course will be sufficient, while in other cases a student may need to take several different courses in order to become proficient in IFRS. A student may also wish to take an introductory course and then follow up with further classes after using the method for a while. This is so the student can target specific issues and questions that come up during the transition to IFRS.

Individuals who do not have extensive accounting experience or training may need to take courses that teach the basic principles of accounting before becoming IFRS certified. This is because while most IFRS courses will cover important aspects of using the method, they typically will not offer entry-level insight into the accounting profession. In most cases, the courses are geared towards working financial professionals who are adapting to the new method.


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