How do I get Hotel Manager Training?

Lily Ruha

Hotel manager training, also referred to as hospitality management training, may be obtained by enrolling in a college or university program offering a degree or certification. Large hotel chains typically require that hotel managers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in hotel or business management. Smaller hotels that offer fewer services may hire individuals with associate’s degrees or prior experience. Some hotels offer training for management trainees who do not have a degree but possess leadership skills and/or prior work experience in a hotel.

Most hotel managers have previous experience working in the industry.
Most hotel managers have previous experience working in the industry.

An individual seeking hotel manager training can start by first identifying his ultimate goal. If working for a large and prestigious hotel is the aim, then enrollment in a degree program in hotel management may be his ideal path. In the event that he has a specific hotel in mind, the best approach might be to inquire about the specific hotel’s academic and training requirements. In some cases, a hotel with its own hotel management training program may present an efficient way for an individual to achieve his hotel management career goal.

Some hotels provide on-the-job training for potential hotel managers.
Some hotels provide on-the-job training for potential hotel managers.

For individuals who want to work for a large hotel chain, a bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum requirement. The degree may be in hotel management, business, or hospitality management. Some hotel management positions involve extensive responsibilities and require a master’s degree. In such a large hotel, a manager may be involved in overseeing many staff members and coordinating the operations of numerous hotel events and activities. The requirements for these hotel management positions typically include an academic degree and several years of on-the-job experience.

Obtaining hotel manager training in a college or university typically involves completion of general education requirements, core courses in hotel management, and a choice of electives. The core courses usually focus on hotel operations, food management, personnel management, marketing, and accounting. Since hotel operations are computerized in many hotels, a computing course is often a requirement.

Smaller hotels usually have fewer academic requirements for hotel management positions because they typically offer fewer services than larger chains. A small hotel may set a bachelor’s degree as the minimum requirement for a hotel manager position. In some cases, an associate’s degree is sufficient. In other cases, a degree or formal hotel manager training may not be required as long as the applicant has work experience in a hotel. Some hotels establish their own hotel manager training programs and provide hands-on instruction to manager trainees.

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