How do I get Hotel Jobs Abroad?

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Getting hotel jobs abroad is a lot like getting domestic jobs in hotels, although there are certain special programs that cater specifically to those looking for a working holiday. When looking for hotel jobs abroad, one of the best tools available is the Internet, where many companies across the globe place help-wanted ads. Colleges and other schools may also have helpful resources when looking for this type of work, as temporary placement in hotels abroad is often classified as an internship. While it is not advisable to go directly to hotels in other countries and hope for the best when applying for jobs, if you are not restricted by having to have a work visa, this approach can be effective as well.

Many people look at hotel jobs abroad as an excellent way to balance work and fun during holiday travel. It is often possible to find hotel jobs during seasonal rushes that include perks like ski passes or free lodgings. These jobs are usually advertised on websites for specific hotels, although message boards online can be an excellent resource for finding this type of opportunity. For people who prefer a more organized experience, it is often possible to work with a job placement agency in order to find an appropriate job abroad.


It is difficult to apply directly for hotel jobs abroad because visas and other documents must often be arranged in advance. Some countries have agreements allowing for certain citizens to undertake short-term work arrangements without visas. It is also possible for countries to make agreements that allow all citizens to work freely in whatever country they choose. As laws differ by country, the best way to determine if you can apply in person is to look into the laws in advance.

Actually obtaining a job can be complicated when the job is desirable. Hotel jobs abroad look for responsibility and the ability to perform any necessary duties, just like domestic jobs. One way to convey to potential employers that you are responsible is to dress in professional clothing, which can be complicated when traveling. When applying for jobs, it is important to show as much respect for a company abroad as you would show at home.

Some people are interested in more permanent placement in hotel jobs abroad. This type of work often requires specialized training, such as a degree in hotel management. Once all appropriate training has been undertaken, applying for these jobs is much like applying for domestic jobs. If the hotel is interested in your resume and qualifications, the hotel will usually provide additional instructions concerning visas and further steps to be taken.


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