How do I get Gas Bill Help?

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A gas bill can often be the most expensive utility bill in a household, especially if gas is used for heating during the winter. Gas bill help can be from a number of sources. Many times, your gas company can point you in the right direction. Besides your local natural gas supplier, other sources of gas bill help include federal and state grants, and charitable organizations.

Calling your local gas supplier is the first step that consumers should take when seeking gas bill help. One option that they may offer is a budget plan. With this type of plan, a household's annual gas usage is estimated and divided into 12 monthly payments. By choosing this plan, consumers can pay one set price every month, instead of paying a very high gas bill in the winter and a low one in the summer.

Your gas supplier may also have other programs for gas bill help. One type of program involves customers opting to send their gas company a little more than what they owe. This money is then used to help local families who need help paying their gas bill. Low-income and single parent families, along with the elderly and those with a financial crisis can often benefit from these programs.


Federal funding is also available in many countries. For example, the United States has a program known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This program works by the federal government giving a certain amount of money to each state every year. This money is then given to households that meet certain criteria to help pay utility bills. These grants are usually available on a first come, first serve basis, meaning the eligible households who apply early are more likely to get assistance.

Many private charitable organizations can also give households gas bill help. The American Red Cross is one such agency. Some chapters of the Red Cross offer grant money for families in need, especially military families and families that have suffered from a natural disaster.

If you still need gas bill help, the local welfare or assistance office will usually be happy to help. The social workers often have all of the information that you need regarding help with utility bills. When applying for gas bill help, you may also find that you qualify for other programs that offer assistance with such expenses as child care, rent, food, and medical insurance.


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