How do I get Freight Broker Training?

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An individual who wants to become a freight broker may find a number of training options available to him. There are brick-and-mortar schools that offer freight broker training as well as online-only schools that provide preparation for this career. These training programs are meant to provide aspiring brokers with the kind of detailed information they need to succeed in this career. As an alternative to enrolling in a school, a person may also acquire freight broker training by reading books about the business, downloading e-books and e-courses, or signing on to work with an experienced freight broker.

A person who wants to get started in freight brokering may believe he has to secure freight broker training from a school. This is a misconception. Schooling is not a requirement for getting licensed in this field. Successfully working as a freight broker without any training or experience may be a different matter, however, and enrolling in a quality training program may help the aspiring broker to succeed.


Since there are so many freight broker training programs from which a person can choose, making a choice can be hard. An individual may narrow down a list of options by visiting the Web sites of various training programs and learning what they have to offer. Then, the aspiring broker may compare schools and choose the program that offers the most for the lowest price. Others may place more stock in a school or training program that has a good reputation instead of making cost a main consideration. If an individual is acquainted with an experienced freight broker, he may even ask him for a recommendation.

While an individual may purchase a book or download a course to prepare for a career as a freight broker, some people view this as a less effective freight broker training method. A person who chooses to learn from a book or downloadable course has to teach himself, and he may have trouble finding someone to answer his questions. Still, there are some people who learn well this way and may succeed with independent learning.

Another method of training to be a freight broker involves going to work for a freight brokerage. By doing so, a person may learn the ins and outs of freight brokering and earn money at the same time. After a couple of years on the job, he may then feel ready to strike out on his own.


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