How do I get Free Interior Design?

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It's possible to get free interior design advice and ideas from many different sources. Of course, there are many informative decor articles online as well as home interior company websites that feature decorating ideas. You can get interior design ideas by viewing photographs as well as article text. Local libraries, home improvement stores, decor schools and interior design showrooms can all be great sources for free interior design information that involves furniture placement, style and color.

A great place to start to get free interior design ideas is the paint section of a home improvement store. If you stand in the middle of the section of free sample paint swatches, you can discover which colors you tend to naturally gravitate toward. It's important not to try to rationalize your choices, but rather just pick out the free sample swatch colors that you don't just like, but really love. Once you have a handful of these, you may notice combinations that you can use in your interior design planning. Home improvement stores may also have free interior decor workshops, do it yourself decorating tips and even free patterns or stencils.


Your local library is likely to have some good books on interior design topics. You can also read glossy interior design magazines for free at libraries. For the latest in trendy ideas, it's often worth visiting interior design showrooms near you. Most of these showrooms have actual room settings such as living and kitchen area setups. Furniture and department stores also have room displays you can walk through to get free interior design ideas.

As you view displays in stores and showrooms, it's a good idea to jot down ideas and products you find appealing. You're likely to discover your decor preferences such as light or dark woods and traditional or modern style as you examine free interior design materials. You may want to combine your favorite paint color swatches with fabric pieces and your notes to help you plan interior design projects.

Contacting interior design schools in your area may help you get free work done in your home. Students need references for their work when they first start becoming designers and they may provide you with free interior design services. You will need to allow "before" and "after" photographs taken in your home.

When researching interior design information on the Internet, you can search for designers using phrases such as "interior design websites." Many interior designers have instructional articles about design and interiors on their websites to showcase their expertise. Designers' websites are often good places for free advice about design mistakes to avoid such as lighting dos and don'ts as well as how not to hang artwork.


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