How do I get Free Hearing Aids?

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Hearing loss can be a devastating experience, especially for anyone not able to afford the cost of hearing aids. There are organizations that can assist with finding free hearing aids, however. If you are suffering from hearing loss and are looking for ways to get hearing aids at no cost, there are several ways to go about finding high quality devices.

When seeking free hearing aids, you can start by checking with local non-profit organizations that provide them to those people who don't have health insurance or the means to purchase hearing aid supplies. To locate a club or association that offers them, ask the local Chamber of Commerce in your region. Another way to find organizations that give away quality hearing aids is to check in local telephone directories.

It's also a good idea to ask your family healthcare provider about documentation of your hearing loss. Hearing loss must be verified by a qualified audiologist before you may be eligible for many free and low cost hearing aid programs. Be prepared to provide information about the actual cause and diagnosis of your hearing loss when trying to get free hearing aids through non-profit organizations.


You may want to ask a medical professional or audiologist directly about programs for low income or disabled patients who are experiencing difficult affording hearing aids. In some cases, your healthcare provider may have access to disposable hearing aids that can be used temporarily until a more permanent solution can be arranged. Medical professionals who work in audiology also have access to a wide network of hearing loss services that can provide you with free hearing aids if you meet certain criteria.

Consider asking for information from hearing aid banks. There are international organizations that can provide you with resources to get free hearing aids that can help restore much of the hearing loss. For example, the Lions Club International has a program that provides hearing aids for free around the world to those with limited resources or the ability to obtain hearing aids and accessories.

You can also contact hearing aid manufacturers directly about trial programs or study groups for new digital hearing aids or disposable hearing aids. When new models are in development, manufacturers often have free samples that can be used during a specific trial period and then kept once feedback is given by wearers. Hearing aid manufacturers will often provide these models for free to the elderly and children in order to study their effectiveness.


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Post 20

My wife is in need of a hearing aid, but the VA will not pay for it. I am a veteran. We called the champ program and they will not help. I get my hearing aids from the VA. Can some one help us in this matter? I am 74 years old and my wife is 65. What or how we can call Mr. Veteran?

Post 19

If you need hearing aids to work, or find employment, check with your local department of workforce services or local vocational rehabilitation office. They may be able to help.

Post 17

I have medicaid and they will not pay for them. I need them in both ears. I was under the yellow boxes the doctor said. She said I need them bad but I don't know where go get help.

Post 16

For those who posted they are in need of free hearing aids. If you are low income and qualify for Medicaid, they pay for them. Also there are many organizations that provide free hearing aids, Google "free hearing aids" . If you are a veteran already in the VA hospital system, you can get hearing aids for free, if not, it doesn't hurt to check out the VA hospital near you to see if you qualify.

They need proof that you are low income. I need hearing aids and also cannot afford them, but do not qualify because of my income is above their requirements. I know how you feel, because I'm going through the same thing. There are around 40 million people in the USA alone and between 350-400 million people in the world that have hearing loss and most people cannot afford the cost. It is truly sad.

Post 15

I am looking for a hearing aid company that can help me get a hearing aid. I am a 71 year old and I can't hear anything. I live on a fixed income and can't afford to pay for one or two. I need both. I would love to hear people talk without them hollering to me. Thank you for your time.

Post 12

@post #11: Of course they won't agree that your aids can be reprogrammed; that would cut them out of the $3,000-$4,000 fee for new ones. Go to an aid repair shop with your mom and have them reset and fitted. That's what they are in business for.

Post 11

I have four expensive hearing aids that belonged to two friends, one deceased and one who has new ones. My mother has severe hearing loss and cannot afford to buy aids.

I asked two different audiologists if these could be used, just a new ear mold made and then set for her specific hearing loss. Both said that is not possible, so why do organizations want used hearing aids?

Post 7

I am 86 years old and unemployed. I would like to have a hearing aid so I can talk with my grandkids. I have 10 grandkids and when they call I have to repeat myself so many times and it becomes so frustrating. Please help so I can enjoy what is left of my few years on earth.

Post 4

I need hearing aids. I have no insurance. I am unemployed. If I had hearing aids, I could find a job. Without hearing aids, I can't find work. I have always been a worker. I am 57 years old now and I have had severe tinnitus since I was 23 years old.

I would be glad to pay back the cost of hearing aids if I could just get some help now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My old hearing aid quit. I need one for both ears. Maybe I should quit. I do not know what to do. Thanks.

Post 3

My right ear hearing aid fell out. I found the battery, But I think my dog got it and we can't find any sign of it. I have 40-60 hearing and was paying a friend for the right one she bought for me.

I cannot buy another as I have too many bills and am behind on property taxes and could lose my home. I cannot hear people talking but some on my loud set phone. I need help desperately. Thank you. I am legally deaf, the doctor told me.

Post 2

Even if you do use disposable hearing aids, it can be a good idea to not throw those away- they can be recycled, and some places might even give you either money or coupons towards new hearing aids if you turn in old, used ones.

Post 1

Insurance providers can also be very helpful with paying for hearing aids. While they might not cover the entire hearing aid price, some or most of the cost could be covered, depending on your provider.

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