How Do I Get Financial Work Experience?

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Gaining financial work experience can be a relatively easy task depending upon the type of experience a person is looking to acquire. Typically, candidates can gain financial work experience through obtaining an internship, gaining a financial sales position, or acquiring a prestigious financial certification. Regardless of the method, it is critical that anyone looking to enter the financial industry have an adequate amount of work experience as the competition for employment can be fierce.

For a person who is just beginning the journey of entering the financial industry, an internship is a great way to gain financial work experience. Internships allow a person to become acclimated to the demands and structure of working in the financial industry. Most internships target undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in business, finance, or accounting and typically last eight to 12 weeks. Although some of these internships are unpaid, there are several internship positions that offer a salary for the duration of the internship. Regardless of the pay, an internship with a reputable finance company is a great way to gain financial work experience.


Obtaining a financial sales position is also a great way to gain financial work experience. Many financial sales positions will require that a candidate fulfill the appropriate licensing requirements of his or her state or country; however, after these requirements have been met, it is possible to obtain a commission-only sales position with a financial firm. Although the income is not guaranteed with this type of position, it will allow a person to gain valuable financial work experience and potentially earn an above-average income.

Financial certifications can also help individuals gain financial work experience. There are a multitude of certifications that a person can acquire in the areas of finance and accounting that will open up opportunities to work with a variety of companies as a consultant or as a full-time employee. Not only will these certifications give a person an extra advantage in the marketplace, they can also lead directly to employment opportunities.

In order to acquire financial work experience, a candidate must be able to present his or her credentials in a professional manner. The most fundamental way to accomplish this is to create a resume detailing the education, experience, and other credentials that make the candidate unique. A person should create multiple resumes specifically tailored to the positions that he or she is applying and ensure that the resume is focused on presenting his or her best qualities.


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