How do I get Environmental Management Training?

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Environmental management training is available at a wide range of levels, ranging from certificate programs to master's degrees. Universities, community colleges, and industry associations all offer these training programs. Environmental management is the study of techniques and practices to manage natural resources in the most sustainable way possible.

At the university level, environmental management is available as a minor area of study within a degree on environmental studies, geography, international studies, or management. The courses that are typically included are environmental assessment standards, reporting practices, and field research. This sub-specialty can be pursued at a master's degree level, incorporating research into specific industries, or management techniques.

Admissions into an environmental degree program are based on a combination of high school marks, letters of recommendation, and environmental activities. These programs have increased in popularity in the past five to ten years and high marks are now required to gain admittance. High school course requirements include biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental studies. Additional activities that illustrate a personal commitment to the environmental movement provide character insight to the admissions review committee.

A certificate program through an environmental management firm or association is another option. These associations specialize in providing environmental management training to professionals currently working in industry or government. The courses are offered on a part-time basis through a combination of online and traditional classroom seminars. The average certificate takes one to two years to complete.


Online schools are a great resource for environmental management training. The courses available include industry specific environment risk and assessments, project management, documentation process, submission of research reports, and the environmental assessment process. Many people who have a strong knowledge in a specific industry take these courses to expand their role and incorporate increased government regulations into current business practices.

It is important to confirm that all environmental management training courses are offered through an accredited school. Only accredited courses can be used toward professional certification, post-secondary education programs, and professional association continuing education requirements. An accredited school has been reviewed by a third party and meets a minimum standard of education, administrative, and management policies.

Environmental management training seminars and conferences are available several times a year and are usually hosted by environmental associations or groups. This type of training may be very specific, targeted to a local area or industry. The topics are often based on specific needs, proposals, or new legislation. To participate in this process, become a member of the local environmental agency or association.


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