How do I get Engineering Jobs Abroad?

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Persistence, education, and experience are all important characteristics to have when trying to obtain an engineering job in another country. Many countries have an urgent need for talented, hard-working engineers who desire to work on complex yet interesting hardware and software problems. As such, engineering jobs abroad are plentiful for those who are dedicated and persistent in their job search. You must be absolutely committed to researching expat engineering jobs wherever they may be found, usually online or in trade magazines. Leveraging your professional network is another way to get engineering jobs abroad.

The first step in securing an international engineering job is to make sure you have a high level of engineering education and years of experience. Foreign countries typically hire engineers who specialize in a particular discipline or have expertise in a certain technical area. If your area of expertise is in a field that your target country is trying to promote, then you have a better chance of securing engineering jobs abroad. Specializing in a field in which your target country already has native talent means that your chances for practicing engineering in that country are low.


Conducting research online for available jobs in countries abroad is incredibly important. Many companies post jobs online and in engineering magazines. In addition, because engineering talent can be difficult to find, there are a number of websites that show only international engineering jobs. These sites are very useful because they typically include information on how to obtain a work visa and how to convince a company to sponsor your visa. You may also find advice on how best to structure your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to appeal to more companies offering engineering jobs abroad.

It is advisable to have a list of countries in which you would like to work, making sure that each country on your list is in need of the engineering skills that you have to offer. Once you have created your list, research opportunities in depth. In particular, pay attention to the minimum years of experience required and the proposed salary.

An engineer's salary is especially complicated to figure out. Each country, and even areas within the same country, has its own cost of living estimates. Even though you desire to land engineering jobs abroad, it is critical not to forget your salary requirements, and if such a salary will be enough for you and your family to comfortably live on in the new country.


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Post 3

@indigomoth - One of my friends did that and after she got back she managed to get a really good job in France, working for one of the nuclear companies. I don't think she would have been able to jump into such a high level position so young if she hadn't had a lot of experience working in an impoverished nation, where she was allowed to take the lead role on a lot of projects. So, even aside from the philanthropy, it can be good for people to look for civil engineering aid work jobs.

Post 2
@irontoenail - Another really good way to get some experience off the beaten trail is to do some aid work overseas. I was working in Africa for a while and my company hired quite a few engineers of different kinds. Agricultural engineers and engineers who can work on housing and wells are especially popular, but almost anyone with that kind of training can be of some use.

It's even more handy if you've got a certain amount of language skill in Spanish or French, depending on where you want to go.

It definitely won't pay as much, but it will provide you with experiences that money can't really buy.

Post 1

Something else to consider is that many companies are international these days and if you pick carefully you could end up being able to work in another country through a company that you already know.

One of my friends works as a computer engineer and he has a job with a company that has basically told him that if he feels like going overseas they can transfer him to one of their other offices.

He actually gets to go to those offices even now on work expenses. I'm really jealous of that kind of opportunity, but not enough to want to be an engineer. I don't think engineer jobs are the only ones with this kind of flexibility though.

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