How do I get Criminal Justice Training?

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Criminal justice training is available from a wide range of post-secondary institutions, associations, and online schools. The level of education available ranges from a certificate in criminal justice to a master's degree in criminal justice. Criminal justice training is focused primarily on the rule of law, the impact on society, and the workings of the justice system. The justice system includes police, lawyers, social workers, corrections officers, and judges.

Criminal justice training at the post-secondary level is divided into two streams: job-related training and the study of criminal justice as a system. Police, legal, and social worker education programs all include courses in criminal justice. In these roles, it is very important to have a solid understanding of how the system works, the history of the development to date, and the direction for the future.

People who are interested in dedicated criminal justice training can complete a university degree in this field. These programs are available from a wide range of universities and community colleges and are organized through the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. The courses studied in this program include criminal law, sociology, psychology, and communications.


Master’s and doctoral programs in criminal justice are available from a limited number of universities and are usually associated with a law school. People who enjoy this type of criminal justice training are interested in researching the true causes of criminal behavior, the effectiveness of the current justice system, and the impact of this system on the overall society, both now and throughout history.

Police and law associations offer courses in criminal justice, proposed changes, societal impact, and other related issues. These criminal justice training programs are typically restricted to association members and are very focused on specific areas of relevance within each profession. For example, the police officer association might offer a seminar on criminal justice and youth gang activity. The legal association might offer a session on criminal justice and the impact on child custody and support cases.

Online schools are a great source of criminal justice training. These courses are offered through a wide range of accredited universities, colleges, and non-accredited private schools. When selecting an online criminal justice course, review the course outline with care and make sure it meets all your needs. If you require this course for career or education related credit, make sure that it is being offered by an accredited school.


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