How do I get Auto Insurance with a DUI?

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If you have been convicted of driving under the influence, or DUI, you may find it difficult to get insurance. If you currently have coverage and have recently been convicted, you may find that your rates will either increase substantially, or your policy may get canceled altogether. Since many auto insurance companies do not offer coverage to people who have gotten a DUI, and those that do tend to offer only high rates, you will likely be lucky to get any coverage at all. As difficult as it is to get auto insurance with a DUI, however, it is possible to do so by finding the companies that offer coverage, and then comparing their rates. Additionally, you need to know a bit about the SR-22 form that is required before you get car insurance.


In most cases, your license will be suspended after you get a DUI. In order to get it back, you must fill out an SR-22 form, and give it to the local motor vehicle department. This document ensures that you always have insurance, since if you have a lapse in coverage, the motor vehicle department will be notified and your license will be suspended once again. Basically, the SR-22 form is one way of ensuring that you do not just go without the minimum insurance. When you seek auto insurance with a DUI, be sure to ask each company if they offer SR-22 insurance policies, as those that do not, will be unable to insure you.

The process for obtaining auto insurance with a DUI is not unlike the procedure for getting the typical car insurance coverage, except you will have far fewer options. If you previously had coverage that was canceled after your conviction, consider calling the provider to ask for reinstatement, especially if you have an otherwise spotless driving record. If the company refuses, be aware that while many major companies will likely not insure you, it is possible to find small companies that specialize in doing so. They can usually be found in newspaper and magazine advertisements, as well as online through search engines.

Once you have a list of companies willing to insure those with a DUI, you should start looking for price quotes. You can find these either online, or by calling each provider and giving your basic information. When comparing your price quotes, be sure to keep in mind whether the price is for basic or full coverage. The insurance provider with the most coverage for the lowest rates should stand out to you as the best company to go with for auto insurance with a DUI.


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Most people charge like $300 or more a month for insurance after you get a DUI. The secret is to use an auto insurance company that doesn't check your driving record.

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