How Do I Get Architecture Work Experience?

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Architects are professionals who design and oversee the building of structures. People who act as architects might specialize in designing landscapes, buildings, naval ships, and even information technology infrastructure. To get architecture work experience, it first is a good idea to enroll in a college program and to take any internship opportunities that are offered to you and which are relevant to your architecture aspirations. People in search of architecture work experience also normally enroll in graduate programs, where they receive advanced instruction relevant to their specific fields of interest. It is also common for some kinds of aspiring architects — such as landscape architects — to perform work for friends, neighbors, and community members who can write them references.

When people talk about architecture, they can be referring to a broad range of occupations. For example, an information technology architect and a landscape architect might seem to have very little in common other than that they both design and construct things. People interested in architecture work experience can benefit greatly from studying different potential career paths for individuals with their interests. An individual who would like to design commercial urban buildings, for example, might need a much higher level of academic preparation to get work experience than a person who is interested in landscape architecture.


For most people, the easiest way to get architecture work experience is to enroll in a college program. In many architecture fields, a degree is not only preferred, but it also is required. Many good programs actually invite recruiters from architectural firms to campus so they can meet promising students. While these first instances of architecture work experience might seem medial and include lower level tasks, such as filing documents and performing correspondence, they also offer students firsthand experience in the architecture field. They can witness how professional architects operate in their offices, on the field, and when they communicate with clients.

Some people might find that the best way to get architecture work experience is to find it themselves. This method works best for people who can practice their skills without formal academic training. For example, if you have a friend who would like to redesign his or her yard, you might offer to perform landscape architecture work for little to no cost. Once you have completed this early project, you can take pictures of your work and post them on a professional website for potential clients. Professionals such as landscape architects can still benefit from some formal training, but it's important to advocate for yourself as you seek out opportunities to practice.


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