How Do I Get an Interior Design Apprenticeship?

D. Nelson

A good way to get an interior design apprenticeship is to enroll in a design program. Many programs offer students opportunities to meet established professionals who routinely take on apprentices to help with the work load in their interior design firms. It also can be a good idea to join groups and organizations made for interior designers. Many people find that by networking with professional designers, they can find out about openings. Interior design professionals also recommend designing a resume that helps you to stand apart from the competition and a portfolio that shows clear and impressive examples of your work.

A good first step to getting an interior design apprenticeship is enrolling in a vocational school design program.
A good first step to getting an interior design apprenticeship is enrolling in a vocational school design program.

Interior designers are creative professionals who specialize in designing spaces. Aside from making spaces aesthetically appealing by choosing the right colors and types of furniture, a designer also may be responsible for making sure that a space can function well. For example, an individual hired to design a business office should choose professional colors and styles, but should also make sure that professionals who work in an office can perform their duties with ease.

To get an interior design apprenticeship, a good first step is to enter a vocational program. Many design schools include internships and entry level positions as part of their curricula. Even if you do not have this opportunity as a student, having a degree or certification in this field can make you a more appealing candidate to employers who are looking for apprentices.

Organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) in the United States can provide some great opportunities for a person who is seeking an interior design apprenticeship. As a matter of fact, many professionals believe that networking with established designers is one of the most effective ways to find out about apprenticeship job openings. Professional networking sites also can be valuable. You can post your resume online so that those seeking apprentices easily can access your information.

In the business world, many professionals are urged to compose resumes that are plain, simple, and to the point. To get an interior design apprenticeship, on the other hand, you might benefit instead from designing a resume that shows your taste and style. At the same time, it can be important that your resume is not so elaborate that it is difficult to read.

A portfolio is essential for anyone who would like an interior design apprenticeship. Your portfolio should be tailored for the kind of apprenticeship you wish to earn. For example, if you are interested in designing business offices, your portfolio should show examples of your work in a professional setting, as opposed to a residential one.

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