How do I get an Insurance Adjuster Certification?

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Insurance adjusters are the professionals in the insurance industry who help policyholders when they have claims. Professionals in this job help determine whether claims fall under the insurance policy in question and, if so, to how much money the policyholder is entitled. Insurance adjusters can find jobs working for insurance companies, for independent adjusting companies, or for public adjusting firms. Wherever they would like to work, insurance adjusters must first get their insurance adjuster certifications. To do so, they must first learn the requirements of the jurisdiction in which they would like to work, take a licensing course and any necessary exams, and then fill out all of the appropriate insurance adjuster certification applications.

Getting an insurance adjuster certification is important because it allows you to operate without restrictions within different jurisdictions. The insurance adjuster certification can also give you the credibility and preparedness to get a job and acquire new clients. Insurance claims adjusters can also gain a foundation of knowledge about insurance claims and about the insurance industry in general through the insurance adjuster certification process.

The first step to getting an insurance adjuster certification is to figure out where you will want to work as an insurance adjuster. For each jurisdiction in which you would want to operate, you could need to apply for and achieve certification. Some jurisdictions might not need insurance adjuster certification, on the other hand. If that's the case, they might accept other jurisdictions' licenses.


For the second step in the insurance adjuster certification process, it is necessary for the prospective insurance adjuster to prepare for the adjuster exam. Each jurisdiction might have its own exam, or some might require that you pass the exam for just one other jurisdiction. Whichever is the case, you should prepare for the exam. This can be done through taking a pre-licensing course through an accredited training organization or through self-study.

The next step after passing your insurance adjuster certification exam is to find out what other paperwork your given jurisdictions require. They could mandate that you send in proof of passing your exam, for instance. Depending on the jurisdictions in which you are applying, it can take days to weeks to receive your license in the mail.

Finally, once you receive your insurance adjuster certification, it is time to launch your career in insurance claims adjusting. You can build your resume at solid insurance adjusting firms and insurance companies. It is also an option to continue your adjusting training after the certification and exam process.


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