How do I get an Even Skin Tone?

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The way to make skin look the best is a combination of a healthy skincare routine as well as careful application of makeup based on your unique skin type and needs. Drinking enough water can also help your skin to appear clearer and healthier. An even skin tone makes skin look healthy, fresh, and clear even without makeup. Of course, makeup can also make a big difference when trying to get an even, smooth skin tone.

One of the best ways to get an even skin tone is to regularly exfoliate the skin. A daily, gentle exfoliating cleanser, followed by an exfoliating scrub once a week, can help to slough off dead skin cells and make skin appear softer and fresher. Always use an exfoliating scrub that is designed for the face; one designed for the body can be too harsh. It is also possible to make your own exfoliator using oatmeal; search online for recipes.

Daily moisturization is important for an even skin tone as well. Be sure to apply a daily moisturizer with sunscreen for use during the day, and a thicker, richer moisturizer containing antioxidants at night. Antioxidants can help to repair cell damage and promote a good skin tone. When choosing products for use on the face, whether they are cleansers, moisturizers, or makeup, be sure to consider any allergies or sensitivities you have, and choose fragrance-free products if necessary.


Once you have developed a regular skincare routine, it may be necessary to use makeup to get a completely even skin tone. Choose facial products such as concealer and foundation to match your skin tone, being certain to keep the undertone of your skin in mind as well. Cool skin tones have bluish undertones, while warm skin tones have pink or yellow undertones. Test the products on the underside of the wrist or the back of the hand.

Then, apply dabs of concealer to any undereye circles, as well as any other areas of redness or blemishes on the face. The foundation may then be applied on top of the concealer; there are many different types of foundation available, though many people prefer tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone. This product combines a small amount of foundation and a moisturizer, and often works well to even skin tone for people who do not need to wear a lot of makeup and are just looking for a small bit of cover up.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- I use face creams that claim to make skin tone more even. I have one which works pretty well and it's a multi-purpose cream called BB cream that helps with all issues of the skin. It has whitening, anti-aging and blemish healing qualities. It's also tinted, so I just wear this instead of using foundation. I agree with you that it's better to try and improve the skin rather than trying to cover it up with heavy makeup.

You can also use face peels. These work like face exfoliating products and remove the dead skin so that new, fresh skin can come up from underneath. If you want dramatic results, go to a spa which offers chemical peels

and similar treatments. They can help you even out your skin tone much more quickly.

The best method for even and better skin tone however, has to be prevention. You need to follow a skin care routine religiously. Wash your face twice a day, exfoliate once a week and always moisturize with oil-free and mattifying lotions. This is how I keep my face clear and even.

Post 2

@turquoise-- One home remedy that I've tried for dark spots and uneven skin tone is lemon juice. Every evening for several weeks, I squeezed fresh lemon juice and applied it on my dark spots with a cotton ball. I left it like this for about half an hour (you can leave it for longer if you want). And then washed it off with water.

The results don't come about dramatically so you need to be persistent and apply it for at least a week but it does make a difference. Just make sure not to go out into the sun with it as it might cause more spots.

The other great way to have and maintain even skin tone is using creams with SPF. Also wear sunglasses and hats in the sun because the sun causes dark spots and can make acne blemishes darker too.

Post 1

I have a lot of blemishes from acne over the years and un-even skin tone. I usually cover them up with foundation and concealer but lately, I don't feel that this is enough. Whenever I see someone with even, beautiful skin, I'm so jealous.

I wish my face had the same appearance without having to use so many products. I also think that wearing makeup every day causes skin to age faster and clogs pores. Aren't there any methods or remedies for evening out skin tone without covering it up?

I'm looking for some permanent change with my skin and not disguise. Can anyone help?

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