How Do I Get an Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeship?

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An aircraft maintenance apprenticeship will prepare you for a career in the aviation industry as a mechanic or aircraft maintenance worker. This is a difficult job that requires a fair amount of training, and you will first need to complete a high school education. Many aircraft maintenance apprenticeship programs will also require a college degree as well, though this is not always necessary. Several avenues exist for getting such training: you can look into an aviation school that will offer such programs, you can join the military and learn maintenance tuition-free, or you can find an apprenticeship program with an aircraft manufacturer.

Joining the military to obtain an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship has distinct advantages and disadvantages. You will not have to pay tuition for the skills you learn, and when you finish an apprenticeship, you will be fully qualified to work on all types of aircraft. You will, of course, have to commit to a certain number of years as an active member of the military, which means you may end up going overseas or even working in hostile conditions. Military requirements vary from country to country, so be sure to look into what you will be required to do before you seek out an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship in the military.


Aviation schools will often offer coursework that covers aircraft maintenance. You can take such courses and then seek out an apprenticeship once you finish school; this is an advantageous route to getting an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship because you will be well qualified and prepared for the job, which may end up shortening your apprenticeship period and enhancing the likelihood that you will be chosen for an apprenticeship position to begin with. You will, however, need to pay tuition to attend such a school, and it can be quite expensive. Be sure to think about how you will finance your education before you enroll.

You can apply for an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship at an aircraft manufacturer or other aircraft company as well. It is very likely that you will need a high school education at the very least, and it is probable that you will need some college experience as well. The requirements can vary, and you may need to start in another entry level position before you are able to obtain an apprenticeship. Be sure to find out ahead of time what the company is looking for in a candidate and do your best to meet those qualifications.


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