How do I get ACLS Certification Online?

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The skills necessary for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification can be obtained either in a classroom or online. Employers require that ACLS skills are kept up-to-date, and a simple way to obtain ACLS certification or to renew your ACLS certification is to find an online training course. With today’s innovative online classroom technology, online training courses provide accessible opportunities for high quality education, training, and testing.

Many internet sites provide both ACLS certification and recertification. Organizations offering ACLS certification online can be found several different ways. If you are obtaining ACLS certification as a work requirement, check with your employer to see if they keep a record of any preferred online programs. Colleagues who have also obtained ACLS certification online may be able to offer helpful advice and direction.

If you are working independently, using an online search engine will provide an extensive list of websites that offer ACLS certification. Professional associations or organizations, such as the American Heart Association in the United States and the British Heart Foundation in the United Kingdom, may be able to provide valuable information on accredited training sites as well. Once you have found a site that provides ACLS certification, the most important step is to review their certification process and be sure that it is up to the standard required by your institution.


Online certification programs should visibly state their qualifications. Be sure to check that the site you have chosen clearly states that they follow current certification standards and guidelines, or has been accredited by a professional nursing or medical association. Some sites that offer ACLS certification may affirm that it is the student or trainee’s responsibility to ensure that the certification meets the requirements of your institution or employer. If this is the case, be sure to investigate the certification process and speak to your employer to make sure that the program will be sufficient. Although most websites that offer ACLS certification online also offer a 100 percent money back guarantee, if you are unsure of a program’s standards or the adequacy of their certification, it may be wise to select another site.

Sites that offer ACLS certification online differ in their training and testing procedures. Some training programs require several hours of study in a virtual classroom setting, followed by one or more examinations. Other sites may simply provide a test that measures your capabilities and certifies that they are at a sufficient level. Still others provide classroom training hours that are transferred to another institution where you can take a fully accredited skills examination.

Before registering for an ACLS certification course, consider your own skills. If you believe you need a refresher, an online course may be both convenient and helpful. If you are unsure of your skills, take suitable steps and choose a program that includes a hands-on classroom component as well.


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