How do I get a Holistic Education?

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People who live holistically usually aim for an overall mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual balance in their daily living. In the 1970s, the holism movement was started because people believed that mainstream teaching institutions did not complement a holistic lifestyle. Holistic education typically focuses on healthy living, searching for the meaning in life and expanding the consciousness. Many students of this type of learning have a passion for life and want to grow and evolve. You can attain a holistic education in many very different ways, including organized classes and workshops, holistic schools and independent study.

Holistic education focuses on developing and evolving the spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative potential. There are many structured classes, both in person and online, in topics such as alternative medicine, life purpose, yoga and nutrition. These types of classes can very helpful to someone just beginning to live a more conscious life, because they offer new viewpoints on healing and feelings to expand the mind. They also can create opportunities to make connections with others in the holistic community. There also are other types of structured holistic education venues, which include workshops and seminars that are based on how to live a holistic life.


There are even holistic education schools as alternatives to public school for school-aged children and teenagers. Many parents look at this option because they believe that public schools encourage — and even develop — unhealthy competition and materialism in children and young adults. Other parents see their child struggling or becoming bored in a public school, so they choose a holistic education school because it focuses on flexible learning paces. Students at these learning institutions typically learn the traditional school subjects but learn them in different ways and from holistic perspectives. Some schools assess each child individually and create lesson plans around natural strengths and challenges.

Many people do not realize the existence of a holistic life or their desire for it until they are adults. These people usually can get a holistic education through independent study, including self-psychoanalysis, religion or spirituality, reading books on topics from alternative medicine to metaphysics, living an eco-friendly life, eating organically and exercising regularly. More than just healthy living, independent study is looking within the soul to find solutions to problems, working through emotional issues, having a creative outlet and helping others. People choosing to live on this path usually believe that the entire lifetime can be considered a holistic education.


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