How Do I Get a Fax Number?

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If you wish to send and receive documents using fax machine technology, you will need to obtain a fax number. Before getting a fax number, you should decide whether you want to use a traditional fax machine or if you would rather do your faxing through an Internet-based fax service. If you opt for a traditional fax machine, you can either use your existing land line for faxing purposes, or you can contact your local phone service provider to have a new line installed. Should you opt to do your faxing through the Internet, you can obtain a fax number by signing up for an online fax service.

In order to get a fax number, you must first decide whether you would like to use a traditional fax machine or an Internet-based service for your faxing needs. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you opt for a traditional machine, you will have printouts of all incoming and outgoing faxes, but buying the machine can be costly. Using an online fax service can allow you to send and receive faxes via email attachment even when you are not at the office, but only if you have an Internet-ready device and a working Internet connection.


Should you decide to use a traditional fax machine for your faxing needs, you may or may not need to obtain a fax number. If you have an existing land line, you can also use this number to send and receive faxes simply by connecting your fax machine to a phone jack. This may not be a good option if your land line is in frequent use, however, as faxes might be undeliverable while the line is occupied. If you wish to obtain a separate number for your fax machine, you should speak to your land line service provider. The provider can send out a technician to install a dedicated fax line.

To obtain a fax number for use with an Internet-based fax service, simply visit the website of the service provider you intend to use and sign up for an account. Most of these services allow users to select their own fax number, and some offer the option of choosing a toll-free number or even a number that is based in another country. Some services allow those who currently use a traditional fax machine but wish to switch to Internet-based faxing to make the switch while retaining their existing number.


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If you decide to go with an online fax service (which I highly recommend), I would recommend doing some comparison shopping before signing up. The largest brand out there (which will remain nameless) is about twice the cost of other services and doesn't offer additional features.

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