How Do I Get a Club Sponsorship?

Jillian O Keeffe

To get a club sponsorship, you will need to find appropriate sponsors, approach them and sell your club to them by focusing on its strengths. You also will need to have an idea of how much money you need from sponsors to keep the club running. You should also fill in the appropriate legal paperwork for the transfer of money and so the sponsor knows that you will deliver on any advertising agreements.

Club sponsors may pay for team uniforms.
Club sponsors may pay for team uniforms.

List the strengths of your club. For example, if your club has a sports team that draws fans to its competitions, sponsors could reach many people at those events. A club that is based around civic involvement, such as a club that aims to provide charitable assistance to the area, can attract a wide range of local sponsors who wish to give back to the community. If your club wins lots of awards and competitions in a particular field, this might be attractive to potential sponsors in businesses related to that field.

Fill out appropriate paperwork if a sponsor agrees to help your club.
Fill out appropriate paperwork if a sponsor agrees to help your club.

Know how much your running costs are. You can find this out by reviewing the accounts from previous years. If new equipment is a major part of your running costs, you can approach sponsors who can provide you with this equipment for free or for a discounted price.

Club sponsorship can be found in several forms. Perhaps the most common are financial donations. If you need transportation to competitions, it can be useful to have logistical sponsorship in the form of a bus company or even a hotel chain. If your club reaches a lot of people, advertising sponsors might pay you to display their logo on banners or on your uniforms. Equipment sponsors might also like you to display their logo on your equipment.

Figure out which type of sponsor suits your needs best. You might choose to have more than one type of club sponsorship, but you should ensure that your sponsors do not compete for the same customers, because you may find it difficult to get both of them to sponsor you again. Make a list of all appropriate sponsors and start approaching potential local sponsors first, because civic pride will increase your chances of getting the sponsorship.

Write a sponsorship letter, laying out the strengths of your club and the potential benefits to the sponsor. Include your name, title and contact details, along with the affiliation of the club. Give an idea of the type of sponsorship you are looking for and a monetary estimate for financial sponsors. Send these out to as many local businesses as possible.

Allow enough time for the letter to reach them and be read. Then phone the business to follow up on the letter. Visit any interested parties in person and be sure to dress professionally. Use this visit to work out the deal that the sponsor wants.

Fill in appropriate paperwork if the sponsor agrees to help your club. This can be official club paperwork to track club money, university paperwork if you are part of a college club and tax paperwork if the business requests it for tax purposes. The club and the sponsor should also complete an agreement form that lays out the terms of the agreement and the type of club sponsorship being offered.

Marathon runners often seek out sponsors.
Marathon runners often seek out sponsors.

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