How Do I Follow Mobile Advertising Trends?

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Mobile advertising trends include marketing campaigns and advertisements that appear on any type of mobile devices. Mobile devices can include billboards, cell phones, wrapped vehicles and any other form of marketing a consumer comes into contact with while outside of their home or office and on the move. It seems as if marketing and advertising trends change as our access to technology changes. Three of the best ways to follow mobile advertising trends is to subscribe to one or more marketing and advertising blogs that cover new trends; set up a Google alert for mobile advertising trends; and follow a marketing expert on their blog, books or interviews, especially if they specialize in mobile advertising.

With countless blogs available online, there are many that cover marketing and advertising topics. You should find some blogs that specifically covering marketing and advertising trends. You may even narrow it down to marketing blogs that specifically cover mobile advertising trends. You should subscribe to the email list for these blogs or subscribe to the RSS feed so you receive notifications and alerts as new mobile advertising trends come out into the world.


Another option is to set up a Google alert for mobile marketing trends. It is a free option that Google offers. You can choose specific keywords or types of mobile advertising or you can set up alerts for more general terms. You can establish as many Google alerts as you wish. Each time the term shows up in the news, on a blog, or somewhere else online, you will receive a notification from Google in your email inbox.

The third option is to follow a marketing expert’s advice — especially one that specializes in mobile advertising trends. Typically, these marketing professionals have a website or blog that you can subscribe to receive updates. Marketing experts also tend to write books, newspaper and magazine articles and even host workshops or seminars where you can learn all about what the latest trends in mobile marketing and advertising are.

Since different marketing experts have different opinions on what the current and upcoming mobile marketing trends are, you should consider following the advice of more than one marketing expert. Those trends that seem to be predicted or observed by all or several marketing experts are probably the latest or most likely to become popular.


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