How do I Fix Uneven Skin Tone?

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Treatments for uneven skin tone range from at-home skin exfoliation products and creams to more intensive treatments using lasers or chemical peels. For mild problems, a woman can try exfoliating on a weekly basis and applying sunscreen to protect against further sun damage. When at-home remedies do not help, she can try prescription creams to help even skin tone. Before starting treatment, she should determine the cause of her uneven skin tone and weigh the pros and cons of each treatment.

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of uneven skin tone. To prevent the damage from becoming worse, a woman should apply a facial sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or higher before going outside. Even going out for a few minutes is cause for sunscreen. Women can apply facial moisturizers or cream foundation with sunscreen in them before applying regular makeup. Men can purchase a light-weight facial sunscreen which prevents the oily, thick feeling of normal sunscreens.

To start reducing the damage, a woman can try a home, facial exfoliating cream or scrub. She should use it one to two times a week. Men who shave typically get the needed exfoliation through the process of shaving, though an aftershave moisturizing cream is a good idea to prevent over-exfoliation and red, irritated skin. More intensive exfoliating treatments are available and, over time, can remove skin damage caused from scarring or acne.


The next step is to try a cream or pill. While these are available over-the-counter, they are typically not strong enough to show noticeable results. Instead, the person should consult his doctor or dermatologist for advice. The doctor can write a stronger prescription and give advice on the specific causes of the patient's uneven skin tone and what steps he should take to correct it.

Finally, if the person is unhappy with the results of at-home remedies or a doctor's prescriptions, she may try more intensive treatments. Ranging from laser resurfacing to chemical peels, these treatments cost more and have risks that should be checked into carefully before proceeding. When receiving either treatment, the patient should find a well-known treatment center and talk about the risks first. These treatments may not work in more severe cases, and can occasionally cause skin discoloration lasting for months after the surgery.


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My sister had laser resurfacing done to treat her uneven skin tone Heavanet. She loves the results!

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I like to use a combination of cream concealer, moisturizer, and liquid foundation to correct uneven skin tone on my face. The concealer helps correct darker areas, while the moisturizer and foundation smooth out my entire complexion.

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