How do I Fix an Uneven Complexion?

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The best ways to manage an uneven complexion involve identifying the cause of the unevenness, treating that cause, and using cosmetics to create an even-looking complexion. An uneven complexion may be the cause of many factors including skin irritation, skin dryness, acne, rosacea, and natural pigmentation. Skin irritation and skin dryness can often be treated by making changes to one's daily skin care regimen. Acne and rosacea are often treated with topical solutions, as well as treatments that can be performed by aestheticians and dermatologists. Pigmentation issues can sometimes be treated with chemical peels and skin whitening treatments, but it is important to consult a dermatologist before using either of these kinds of treatments.

One of the first steps in dealing with an uneven complexion is to consider one's daily skin care regimen and to analyze the products that one uses. If products cause the skin to tingle in an uncomfortable way, burn, or feel tight after use, they are probably causing the skin to become dry or irritated. This means that they may be contributing to the uneven complexion. To solve this, discontinue the use of these products and replace them with gentler products and products that work better to keep the skin hydrated.


If uneven complexion is the result of acne or rosacea, test products to find which ones work best to treat these conditions. Remember that results can take weeks to months to become apparent, so be sure to give any given product a fair chance before moving on to the next product. Also remember that frequently switching between products can do more harm than good by irritating the skin and causing it to become imbalanced. Immediately discontinue the use of any products that seem to be making an uneven complexion worse.

During the process of managing an uneven complexion, consider the use of cosmetics to improve the appearance of the skin. Tinted moisturizer, foundation, powder, and concealer can all help to improve the appearance of the skin. Be sure, however, to choose products that will not cause further irritation to the skin. Consider purchasing cosmetics from companies that are also respected skin care companies, as they are likely to formulate their products to keep the skin as healthy as possible. Finally, drink plenty of water and stick to a healthy, balanced diet as this can also help to improve an uneven complexion.


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