How do I Find Temporary Housing?

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Also known as short-term housing, temporary housing is a living arrangement that is contracted for a specific period of time. Often available as monthly, quarterly, and annual leasing options, this type of housing can be helpful when business professionals relocate for short term assignments, or there is a need to seek temporary lodging while repairs or construction are completed on permanent housing.

One of the first steps is to determine what type of accommodations you require for the interim period. Single persons who prefer to travel light may be perfectly happy with renting a room in a private residence, or a boarding house. Couples and families may require something a little more elaborate, such as a multi-bedroom apartment or a house. Knowing what you must have in order to be reasonably comfortable over the short term will give you an idea of where to look.

With a firm idea of what type of living arrangement you need, you can begin your search for temporary housing by contacting local realtors. In addition to selling homes, these real estate professionals often manage apartment complexes and house rentals that can be leased for periods ranging from three months to a year. Supply the realtors with a list of your minimum requirements and the amount you can reasonably afford to pay for the housing. Allowing the realtor to do the work for you is easily the best way to go about finding temporary housing in an unfamiliar city.


Another excellent resource for information on temporary rental opportunities is the local chamber of commerce or the tourism bureau in city or town you plan on residing in temporarily. They usually know everything that is taking place in the local housing market, including rental and lease opportunities. Along with providing you with a listing of local real estate agencies who handle temporary housing options in the community, they are also likely to have contact information for people who rent rooms and houses on a short term basis.

If you need temporary housing due to a business assignment, the Human Resources department of your employer may also be helpful. They can locate listings of extended stay facilities at your point of destination and possibly arrange a corporate account. This would mean you don’t have to go through the process of establishing a landlord tenant relationship with anyone. With a corporate agreement, you are guaranteed to have a place to live as soon as you arrive in town, and do not have to keep up with the rental payments. The facility would bill your company directly and they would remit payment according to the terms of the rental agreement.

Whether you need temporary housing due to a work assignment or some other reason, there are ways to find exactly what you need. By tapping into local networks, it is possible to find short term living arrangements that will provide you with the ideal home away from home for as long as you need them.


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I have heard that some universities will rent dormitory rooms during the summer months for a reasonable fee. The accommodations might be a little Spartan, but at least it would be a roof over your head and you'd have access to other facilities on campus. It pays to call the student housing department and see if the college offers this kind of service to non-students.
Post 2

My city has a few extended stay hotels that a lot of visiting executives stay at while on temporary work assignments. The company usually picks up the tab, so there's really very little pre-planning involved. The temporary worker checks into the hotel and sets up camp.

The rooms are more like studio or one bedroom apartments than standard hotel suites. There's usually a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, a dining room, full bathroom and at least one large bedroom. Since it's also a hotel suite, there is a staff that cleans the rooms at least weekly, and amenities like a pool, restaurants and workout room. I wouldn't mind staying in one myself.

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