How do I Find Recycling Centers?

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Locating a recycling center in your area is often a simple process. There is usually a combination of resources that can help put you in touch with different facilities that recycle products such as paper, glass, plastics, and metal. In fact, you can often locate recycling centers that are nearby by simply making a phone call or looking up information online. Here are some tips on how to find the right center and do your part for the environment.

In many municipalities of all sizes, the local city or town government is involved in the recycling effort. Along with the collections normally conducted by the city, they often have information on other recycling facilities in the area that deal with materials that are not part of the city recycling plan. A phone call to the city or town hall can provide you with contact information to recycle centers that will either pick up your donated items or provide you with details on any recycling dropoff program the facility has in place.


For people living in areas where the municipality is not involved in recycling efforts, there is still the chance that there are a few recycling centers within a reasonable distance. One great source of information is the local telephone book. Often, the facilities are listed under the heading of “Recycling Centers” in the yellow pages section of the phone book, and may be crossed referenced with other headers such as “Salvage and Recycling.” If you live in a rural area, there is a good chance local recycling facilities advertise in telephone books that cover a wider geographical range, such as an entire county or group of counties.

Don’t forget to research information on local recycling centers online. As the practice of recycling has become more mainstream, a number of web sites have been created to provide information on recycling centers located all over the world. This allows you to quickly research all centers located in your state or parish, which may be necessary if there are no centers in your immediate area. Often, the listings found on these recycling web sites include telephone numbers, hours of operation, and the type of items that are accepted for recycling.

One final means of finding recycling centers is to check with non-profit organizations in your area. They may serve as a point of collection for various types of recyclable items. In many cases, they are happy to share information about the recycling centers they interact with. At the very least, you may find that the non-profit agency is operating a recycling program that will accept the items you have for donation, making it easy for you to participate in the recycling effort.


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There are supermarkets that handle recycling. Usually the recycling containers are somewhere on the side of the building with limited hours of operation. Items they recycle are aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass.

Another place are universities. The university in my town has a full fledged recycling center. Their hours of operation are longer, and they pay for some recyclables but not all. I do not think they pay for cardboard recycling for example, but it is still a good idea to drop of the recycling material there rather than putting it into trash.

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